Travel With Me To: Golden Gate Bridge

Travel With Me To: Golden Gate Bridge

Out of the two weeks I was in California, I went to San Francisco three times but I visited the Golden Gate Bridge twice.

San Francisco is only 45 minutes away from where I was staying, an hour and 10 minutes with traffic. I’ve been dying to go to San Francisco so when my sisters asked what we should do, I didn’t hesitate one bit to say the Golden Gate Bridge.

The drive wasn’t too bad. The traffic wasn’t too bad either – it was rather quick and we didn’t have too much traveling there or back. The first time we visited, we drove through the bridge and it was amazing. The view is amazing because you can see the water and city on one side and the mountains on another side. The bridge is HUGE. I was in awe when driving through it. And then, we parked right next to the bridge. There’s a parking lot dedicated for tourists to park and visit the bridge and it was free parking too! They had a bathroom as well. There were stairs that we can take to go down to the ground level and see the bridge from another point of view, but we decided to just walk on the bridge only.

Everybody told me that the bridge was going to be WAY HIGH UP. I’ll admit, it is pretty high up, but it wasn’t as high up as I thought it was going to be. I loved the view as I was walking through. I didn’t think it was that windy but that’s because I’m used to chilly weather, but I do recommend wearing a sweater or jacket when visiting the bridge. The bridge itself is tall and beautiful. We didn’t walk the entire way. We underestimated how far the walk was so we ended up turning back halfway through. But honestly, no matter where you are on the bridge, the view is amazing! It was absolutely breath taking.

The second time we went to the Golden Gate Bridge was a couple days later but this time, we took the “mountain scenic view.” To be really up close to the bridge, you have to hike and climb a mountain but my sisters and I didn’t want to, so we just drove up a mountain and took “faraway” pictures. The view was spectacular and it was a bit nerve wracking to be up that high, but nonetheless, it was so much fun! It was definitely windy but I had a thick sweater on.

I know from a natural born San Fran local, it’s “just a bridge” but it really is beautiful and I totally recommend everyone to go see it if they have the chance!

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