Travel With Me To: Mount Royal (Montreal)

Travel With Me To: Mount Royal (Montreal)

One of the places my sister and I visited while we were in Montreal was Mount Royal.

Just a heads up – the next few posts will be about our Montreal trip.

Mount Royal is a popular place in Montreal. It’s pretty much a small mountain that you can hike or drive up to. For the best view, it’s better to hike because you can get to places where a car can’t, but my sister and I were feeling lazy. Plus, it was dark when we decided to see Mount Royal. I think it was after 8 when we decided to visit the place.

Mount Royal is a huge place. There’s a restaurant where you can eat when you’re hungry. There’s a huge parking lot and it’s free to park and there’s a playground for kids to play at.

My sister and I didn’t want to hike so we drove to the top of the mountain. There was a lot of traffic going to the top because it’s common for tourists and locals to just drive to the top. It’s recommended to just hike to the top but my sister and I just didn’t want to.

The parking lot at the top of the mountain is small. You’re going to have to wait a bit for a parking spot. I think we waited about 20 minutes for a spot. A lot of locals like to hang out there. Right when we got out of the car, I smelled smoke and weed. I think teenagers like to hang there to drink and smoke. A lot of people just hung out around their car and played music and chilled.

You can tell who’s a local because of the cameras they have and how many pictures they take. My sister and I took a lot of photos of the view. It’s nice to see all of Montreal. It’s really breath taking at night and I totally recommend seeing this place. A lot of the other tourists were taking photos of the view too.

The locals were just playing music from their car or just smoking or even hanging out. My sister and I stayed for about half an hour and then, we decided to leave. The smoke started getting to my head and I just couldn’t stand the smell anymore. I recommend visiting the top in the morning if you want to avoid people smoking and drinking. In the morning, it’s definitely more family-friendly but if you go at night, I wouldn’t bring children just because all the locals like to hang out and smoke.

There’s another place that tourists like to go to. It’s a place where you actually have to hike because driving there is impossible. One of my sister’s friends hiked there and we saw the photos and they were beautiful! We didn’t hike there but for anyone who doesn’t mind the hike, totally do it! The view is spectacular. You get to see the skyline of Montreal and the buildings are up close. Where my sister and I went, we were able to see the all of Montreal but from a further perspective. If you want to see Montreal up close, definitely hike.

Mount Royal is a definite when visiting Montreal, especially since it’s free!

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