Travel With Me To: Au Sommet Place Ville Marie (Montreal)

Travel With Me To: Au Sommet Place Ville Marie (Montreal)

I’m a sucker for a skyline view.

My sister and I decided to visit Au Sommet, which is Montreal’s Observation Deck, and the second tallest skyscraper in Montreal.

There is street parking around the building, but it’s really hard to find. There’s a parking garage where you can park and take the escalator up. The observation deck is in the same building as the garage, so all you have to do is take the escalator up and walk to the lobby of the observation deck.

We got there right before 7 and unfortunately, we only had an hour left. They close at 8 for the Observation Deck but they had an exhibit that opened until 10 and a restaurant that opened until later. It’s $19 for adults. We had to take two elevators to get to the top. In the lobby, there was a cute little gift shop but unfortunately, they did not sell post cards and that’s usually all I get for souvenirs when I travel (besides keychains) so I was a little disappointed.

My sister and I didn’t think it was worth the 19 dollars because when we went to the Deck, it didn’t seem like we were high up. Maybe it’s because we were comparing it to Boston, but I loved the view. I loved walking around the building and see Montreal in a different angle. We were on the 47th floor but looking down, it just didn’t seem high enough for us. I did enjoy the view, though. They had little bulletin boards showing where the most popular places were (you will most likely see them in a future post) and the addresses.

Downstairs was the exhibit. Basically, the exhibit is divided into different parts, mainly for tourists. For example, there’s an area for sports, arts, food, culture, etc. Basically, each section mentioned the highlights of the theme with a video, pictures and facts. Then, we’re given a mission. You don’t have to take the mission. It’s pretty much a fun scavenger game for tourists or for people who don’t know what to do or where to go. This exhibit highlights the most popular places in Montreal with a little mission telling you to “take a photo with 6 street murals” or “visit a bookstore and buy a book.” If you like the mission, we’re given a card at the beginning of our trip when we buy admission tickets, and then you tap the card on a scan machine to add the mission to your card. When you’re done adding missions to your card, there’s a machine to print out your missions and then, you give the card back. And finally, you can start your scavenger hunt! It’s pretty much a fun way to explore Montreal and/or just a good itinerary if you don’t have any plans or don’t know what to do. Also, inside the exhibit, you can still see the skyline of Montreal. So pretty much, the view you see at the deck, you see it in the exhibit, just a floor lower. It was bright and colorful in the exhibit, so if you have no idea what to do or where to go – I recommend the exhibit because they give you so many options and places to go and things to do!

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