Work Appropriate Outfit

Work Appropriate Outfit

I work in an office setting (like many do) so a lot of my outfits are based for the office life.

Express button down (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Flats (SIMILAR HERE)

Before we get started, yes, I know my pants are too long on me. These dress pants are in a length sized regular from Loft in size 2. I know people typically get their clothes altered but I wanted to show everyone how their outfit would look like without it being altered. Yes, it did drag on the floor but I think it’s still a perfect office setting outfit. Trimming it three inches probably would have made the outfit look better but I wanted to show readers how their outfit would look like without alterations. Yes, the pants are long but the outfit is still appropriate for work. The pants are totally appropriate for work. I love the fabric and how it’s loose fitting. It’s not too tight and it’s not too loose. It fit my waist with a little room to spare but it was completely comfortable to wear. It is loose but I think it’s important to wear dress pants to work. Yes, I wear a lot of tight pants to work but I also wanted to show an outfit that was appropriate for a business attire setting. These pants are so comfortable and fit me so well. I adore these pants and totally recommend Loft! This is mainly an outfit to show for everyone who doesn’t have the time to alter their clothes. SIMILAR HERE.

My shoes are from H&M. You’ve seen these shoes from this post. I wore beige flats instead of white, red or black to give my outfit a variety of color. Beige matches with everything and I think beige is a perfect color to pair with red. I love wearing beige and red together. SIMILAR HERE.

The red cardigan is from Loft in a size small. They can be buttoned up but I left it open to show the button down. The cardigan definitely makes the outfit stand out with the pop of color and it’s definitely work related. This cardigan is soft and somewhat thick. It did keep me warm in my freezing office. I wore red for a pop of color and I think it totally makes the outfit look way better. SIMILAR HERE.

The button down is a size small from Express. It’s a striped button down with light gray stripes. I absolutely adore this button down because it’s completely professional. You can wear it just plain with dress pants or with a cardigan. I adore this shirt. The length of the sleeves is perfect for me! It’s not too long on me and it’s definitely not too short for me either. I think it’s a great length. The shirt looks great tucked in with the dress pants. Yes, it looks lumpy and crumpled but when I left it down, it did make the outfit look way worse, so tucking in the shirt works best for dress pants! If you are wearing tight pants or jeggings, you can definitely let the shirt loose and untucked. But because I’m wearing dress pants, tucking in the shirt makes the outfit look more appropriate and better. I do have a F21 cami underneath the shirt as well! SIMILAR HERE.

What do you normally wear to an office setting?

Let me know in the comments below!

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    I love this look! Have a great weekend!

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