Katherine Cosmetics Review

Katherine Cosmetics Review

I recently discovered Katherine Cosmetics through Palm.

Because of Palm, I was able to purchase a set from Katherine Cosmetics containing the K-Sport “wow” Stick SPF 20 and their Everyday Concealer. Katherine Cosmetics is a makeup brand that does not test on animals or put harmful ingredients in their products. They are all about helping girls and women feel confident and pretty.

I never used foundation/primer stick before so I was excited about the WOW Stick. I have it in the Dark Deep shade. I was a little disappointed in the packaging because it was somewhat damaged and opened when I received it. It might’ve happened through shipping, but it was a little disappointing. I loved that it came with a booklet, though!

I was excited to use this stick, as it was the first stick I was going to be using. This wow stick is a sheer coverage formula for hydration and protection for the summer. You can use this alone as a sheer coverage protection or use this as a primer before applying foundation. I decided to try it both ways.

I first used this alone and I didn’t like it. I thought the stick was sticky and hard to put on my skin. I put it all over my face like the directions suggested and it just made me feel sticky so I blended it in with a wet beauty blender. Then, after a couple hours, it made me feel oily. I have combination skin, more so oily, so this did not help to maintain my oily skin whatsoever. It just made me even more oily and I just felt disgusting afterwards. I could literally feel the product on my face.

The next day, I used the stick as a primer before applying my foundation. Again, it made me feel icky and sticky and I had trouble blending it in. But applying my foundation wasn’t hard. I was able to smooth it over the wow stick. And surprisingly, using it as a primer did not make me oily. It did make my face feel radiant and beautiful, but not oily, which is great! I think I’ll be using this wow stick as a primer than alone. My face didn’t look sweaty and I didn’t feel disgusting. I didn’t feel the product on my face so I’ll use this as a primer.

I prefer the Everyday Concealer over the WOW stick. I got it in the shade medium and it surprisingly matched my skin color so well. It was easy to apply and blend. The applicator was soft and easy to use. I have dry undereyes and dark circles and this helped to moisturize my skin. It helped to not completely get rid of my dark circle but it did help cover some of it up. I wouldn’t consider this high coverage but it was a good coverage concealer. It didn’t make my skin oily and it lasted me throughout the day. I personally love this concealer over the WOW stick and will continue to use it! I also didn’t feel the product on my face either and that’s always a plus! It didn’t make my makeup/foundation look cakey either!

In general, I really do like Katherine Cosmetics and plan on purchasing more products from them.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in a collaboration with Palm and Katherine Cosmetics but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.



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