Sahasra Beauty Review

Sahasra Beauty Review

I recently discovered Sahasra Beauty through Palm.

Sahasra is a beauty brand that strives to provide chic and extravagant beauty products. They strive to make sure their packaging is perfect and designed well while also making sure to include unique ingredients in each of their products.

I purchased their beauty set through Palm for a discounted price. The set contained a Jasmine Floral makeup setting spray and the Multani Mitti Clay for oily skin & hair.

I will admit that I haven’t used the Multani Mitti Clay yet. I don’t know what ingredients to include in the clay so I haven’t used it YET. I am still in the processing of researching ingredients.

However, I have been using the Jasmine Floral makeup setting spray for the past two weeks and it is amazing! If you like Jasmine tea or the smell of Jasmine Floral, then you’ll love this makeup setting spray. Their scent is exactly like Jasmine. At first, I wasn’t too fond of the smell because I thought it was a little too strong, but now, I genuinely like it. You get used to the smell.

I have combination skin, oily T-zone and dry under eyes. It’s hard for me to find makeup that doesn’t make me too dry or too oily while also helping with my sensitive skin. This setting spray doesn’t make me oily whatsoever. I stopped using setting spray because somehow, every setting spray I use always makes me super oily so I’ve stopped using them in general. When I saw this product in the Palm store, I decided to give it a try. I love trying new makeup so I bought this setting spray and I honestly don’t regret it. This setting spray helps to rejuvenate my dry eye patches but also doesn’t make me greasy or too oily. To be honest, I don’t have to blot that much when I use. I STILL have to blot but not as much as I did when I used other setting sprays. This setting spray makes my makeup matte and I don’t ever have to worry about looking too oily. So if you have combination skin with more so oily skin, then this is the product for you because it works like wonders! I’ve been using this setting spray nonstop since I bought it and I totally recommend. You won’t feel greasy, oily, disgusting or humid/dry after using this. Of course, if you’re out in the sun all day, then you’ll need to blot but if you’re working in an office or out and about doing errands, your makeup won’t come off with this setting spray. It’s amazing! I usually blot once a day when using this. When I used other setting sprays, I blotted 3-4 times a day so this spray definitely helped to minimize the oiliness and blotting.

You can purchase the setting spray HERE.

DISCLAIMER: I bought these products at a discounted rate through Palm but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.


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