Linda Tenchi Tran

A style blog to help you with style options and tips, finding the best deals and helping you to be confident with your body & what you wear.

Born in Boston and raised 20 minutes north. I’ve always loved being in the city, so I’d like to describe myself as a “city girl.” I love being surrounded by beautiful, tall buildings but I also occasionally like the outdoors as well.

I’ve always had a love and passion for fashion. Love learning about fashion designers, the different fabrics, patterns and styles in fashion, and I absolutely love how I can look at any article of clothing and just KNOW how I’m going to style it or cut it. Growing up, I’ve always loved dressing up and had fun putting outfits together, and then going out and letting people see what I came up with. My passion for fashion grew in high school and now, it’s a committed life long love. The world is my runway and I’m here to showcase what I have.

I created this blog not only as a personal photo journal, but also so that I can help others with style options and finding the best deals – hopefully, my outfits inspire you to recreate something similar or help you to find pieces to put together whenever you’re stump about what to wear. Or hopefully this blog helps you find the best deals and stores to shop at! My ultimate goal is to definitely help my readers to be confident in their own body and to wear whatever they want and be confident with it! I definitely do wear clothes that don’t necessarily flatter my body and that’s okay! Fashion is about creating and expressing yourself and being confident while at it! I hope I influence or encourage you to wear whatever makes you happy and to be confident with your body. And I hope I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone to try different pieces of clothing that you normally wouldn’t wear. Fashion is fun and enjoyable, and I hope I inspire you to have fun with fashion, too.

You’ll also see posts from traveling days, photography shots to makeup reviews – my blog is more of a lifestyle blog because I want to be able to help and inspire my readers from a variety of topics.

Keep up with me on instagram! Or let’s chat – send me an email about ANYTHING at linda@lindatenchitran.com

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