An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

My family and I decided to go apple picking but we didn’t go to the usual place we go to every year – this place was an hour away. It’s called Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stowe, Massachusetts.

I love going to new places and experiencing a different atmosphere so I most definitely didn’t mind at all. We were a pretty big group – I think 10-12 including kids.

I knew I was going to get my picture taken so I purposely put makeup on. 🙂 Everywhere I went, I was like, “Oh, this looks like a good shot, take my picture!” My boyfriend is really good at taking good pictures and he knows all my “good” angles so I knew I would have some good photos. Boyfriends are good for being personal photographers. 🙂

My pants are from H&M. Boots are from I’m not sure where my jacket is from – probably Forever 21. My bodysuit that isn’t shown in any of the pictures is from Wet Seal. And the scarf, I think is from Forever 21.

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