Into The Alley

Into The Alley

My sisters, our best friends and I decided to go to Boston to see the Japanese Festival. We were honestly there for about an hour and decided to leave. My sister’s best friend, Lita, is a photographer and she had a vision about doing a little photoshoot in the alley, so we were on a hunt for a decent alley – one where it didn’t smell too bad and didn’t have trash all over the place.

I think about half an hour of walking, we finally decided on a place and did a little mini photoshoot. People would walk by and watch and ask what we were doing, but we didn’t necessarily care. I honestly had fun and thought it would be a great idea to have a photoshoot in an alley, too.

It was a bit chilly out. I think it was high 50s, lower 60s. I was a little cold – I had goosebumps all over my body but that didn’t stop me from wearing a dress. Bought this dress on sale for $10-15 at Forever 21. I am obsessed with suede! And the shoes were cheap and from years ago at Payless, no shame. And the sunglasses are raybans that I took from my sister, so I can be cool like her!

But Lita did a wonderful job! I enjoy working with her and being in her presence. 🙂 If you guys are from the Boston/north shore area and need a photographer, Lita is who you should go with! She’s friendly, easy-going and fabulous!

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