Travel With Me To: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Travel With Me To: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

My family and I went on a mini Maine Road Trip back in August and me being the planner that I am, planned which places I wanted to go and gave the list to my family. My sister actually made an itinerary of where to go and how long each destination drive was going to be and how long to stay, so she’s actually a bit more of a planner than I am.

One of the places on the itinerary was Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens located in Boothbay, Maine, which was about two hours away from Portland.

It was hot out when we went. I think it was close to 90 degrees, so safe to say, we were sweating. Of course, it was going to rain later that day so we figured we visit the gardens before it rained. (It ended up raining RIGHT after we got in the car and left so we definitely dodged a bullet.)

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is HUGE. I think it’s about a 7 mile walk to go around the entire gardens (correct me if I’m wrong) and to see each portion of the garden. We actually didn’t want to do the entire walk so we just went to a few places. We stayed about a couple hours.

It was honestly magical. I loved seeing all the different plants, flowers and everywhere we went was a photo opportunity, haha. There was a gift shop right where you buy tickets to the gardens. I think we spent about half an hour there before actually visiting the gardens.

The garden itself is a beautiful place. There are so many different types of flowers that I didn’t even know you can eat. My sister and her fiance actually ate a couple. I was too chickened to try so I just took photos. We went to specific places like seeing the small waterfall they had to seeing the lake. We had a good time. Though we were sweating and were ready to go back to our hotel to go swimming in the pool, we had fun!

I definitely recommend the place. It’s so gorgeous. I wish we had time to actually see the entire garden but there’s always next time.

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