To be honest, I never really liked Thanksgiving because of the history behind it but I continued to celebrate it because of the meaning behind it. With that being said, Thanksgiving was a few days ago but it’s never too late to say your thanks or to be thankful in general.

I’m thankful to have such a wonderful, supportive family who’s always there for me. I’m lucky to be the “baby” of the family because I have older siblings to look up to and to help guide me.

I didn’t help with Thanksgiving. Haha. Everybody else made dinner or pitched in to help dinner and I just lounged around in bed. We agreed to have dinner at my sister’s place around 6 and I think I stayed in bed until 3 before finally getting up. I was taking full advantage of not being at work and just taking a breather. I woke up around 10/11 that day but stayed in my bed listening to music for a few hours. It was awesome to do nothing!

Around 3 was when I finally decided to get ready. I picked out my outfit, did my makeup, straightened my hair and went downstairs to chat with the family.

Around 6pm, we all drove to my sister’s house and started feasting.

I’m thankful to have siblings whom I’m close with. Sometimes, I forget that not all families are like mine, that not all siblings are close. I used to think it was weird when I’d overhear people saying they hate their siblings or they hardly ever talk to theirs and I think about mine. I think about how thankful and grateful I am to have such a good bond with all of my siblings and how they’re there for me whenever I need them. They’re supportive of me and this blog, willing to be my photographer to help me out. They’re always giving me good life lessons and just being a shoulder to lean on.

So aside from how thankful I am for my family, I bought this dress a couple weeks ago at H&M when they were having a 50% off discount off sale items. So this dress was only $7.50!!! There’s a cut out in the back but it’s not noticeable. I think it’s just my body, but it’s supposed to show a small part of my back. It’s a bodycon dress. It outlines my body without it being too tight. It gives my butt a little push, even though I don’t have an ass whatsoever. It gives me little curves and the fabric is soft. It’s not rough on my skin. There are two sets of zippers in the back to help me get into my dress and to tighten it up. I love the dress! I think it’s cute and it’s such a great length too – it wasn’t too short or too revealing.

Tights look black but they’re actually navy blue unfortunately! It looks black in photos and in person but under the light, you can clearly see the navy blue. They’re thick – supposed to be for chilly days. I got it from Primark. I believe it was only $5.

The boots are from SHIEKHSHOES. I bought these shoes YEARS ago and this is my first time wearing them, guilty! They’re high heeled booties. The heels are only about an inch high so nothing I can’t handle. I’m obsessed with the color and I need to wear them more often. I recommend buying shoes from shiekshoes because they always have good sales. The shoes were comfortable, good quality – didn’t have a problem with them!

I have no idea where my cardigan is from. I’m guessing it’s from Wet Seal, but I absolutely adore the color. It’s not the exact color of my boots but it’s close enough! I like how the cardigan is almost as long as my dress. The cardigan is soft, feels great on my skin and I actually wear this cardigan WAY too much. You’ll probably see it again in future posts.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I’m also thankful for everyone who gave my blog a chance and read it! Thank you!


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      November 29, 2016 / 1:48 pm

      Thank you!

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    Cute outfits!

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      December 1, 2016 / 4:11 am

      Thank you!

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