Caramel Tones

Caramel Tones

I love wearing sweaters especially over-sized ones.

I realized that I never post about the outfits I wear to work, so this is the outfit I wore last Monday. I work in a business casual setting so no one really dresses over the top. A lot of people dress business casual while I’ll see a few people dressing casually by wearing open-toed shoes or just a regular t-shirt. I like dressing business casual but I’ll have my days where it’ll jut flat out be casual. Today’s outfit is a little casual.

I love wearing dresses even in the winter. Sweater dresses are my absolute favorite because they always keep me warm!

This sweater dress is from Forever 21. It was on sale at the clearance section for only $11.99! It was actually just supposed to be an oversized sweater, and not a dress. I saw it in a size small but it was too short to be worn as a dress so I looked at the medium and that was too short to be a dress too. Then, I saw the large and it was long enough for me so I bought it in a large. A lot of people hate buying clothes that aren’t their size or if it’s too big. I think if it’s a sweater, it really doesn’t matter what size you get. Yes, the sweater looked extra baggy on me and way too big but that was the look I was going for! I wanted this sweater to be “oversized” and “big” and that’s exactly what I got! It came with a little belt too so I was able to tighten it up if it was too loose on me. I love this shade. I believe it’s either a camel or caramel tone, but whatever color it is, I was in love with it! It was one of the reasons why I bought it. It kept me warm throughout the day and I wasn’t cold whatsoever. I wasn’t freezing. The dress was comfortable and cozy!

Tights are gray and from Primark! I couldn’t find my black tights but nonetheless, gray worked too! The boots are from 599fashion. It was only $5.99! It’s so comfortable to walk in, didn’t have any problems. The boots are not the same shade as the sweater but it was close enough and it worked for me!

When I went to work, I saw a gift bag on my desk, opened the card and it was from my supervisor. I ended up opening my gift in front of her and I was in love with everything that she got for me! The scarf is actually one of the gifts that she gave me. It’s an infinity scarf and I was able to loop it around just once. I don’t know where she got it but it might be from Marshalls or Tj Maxx. It’s so soft and warm. I was in love with it. I wore it right after I opened my gift – literally. It kept me warm all day. I know it doesn’t go with the neutral colors since it’s white and it stands out but nonetheless, I liked it. I didn’t mind if the color didn’t blend in with my caramel sweater, but it was cute and comfortable, so I didn’t mind.

The choker is from Wet Seal! I am obsessed with it! You can’t really see it because of the scarf but it was comfortable to wear. So affordable, too!

I normally wear pants and a blazer with a button up or something similar, but here and there, I will wear dresses to work!

By the time I got home, it was pretty dark outside so the pictures are in the dark outside and inside my house!

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      Thank you, Ali!

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      December 23, 2016 / 9:01 pm

      It comes with the belt! Thank you!

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