Forest Hills Cemetery

Forest Hills Cemetery

Last month, my sisters and our friend went on a photoshoot.

You might remember the shoot from THIS POST. My sister had her own camera and took her own set of photos which are the ones taken by her in that post. I said I would make another post dedicated to my friend’s photos, so here it is.

We went to Forest Hills Cemetery, which is about 30-40 minutes away from where we live. For a cemetery, this place is gorgeous! It’s a huge place and there was so much foliage. The colors and the trees were just gorgeous and “photo worthy.”

We drove around for the “perfect” spot and took photos and then walked around for a bit to take more. There were some places that I thought was creepy and was like, “I think a ghost might come and attack me.” It wasn’t too cold so I didn’t mind walking around and exploring the place, but I did get some chilly weird vibes from the place.

But nonetheless, it was fun! Taking photos in a cemetery isn’t my ideal location since I’m petrified of ghosts and everything just flat out scares me, but it was fun and out of my comfort zone.

I love love love working with LITA. She took our photos in THIS POST and THIS POST. I love Lita’s creative eye. She can see a location and imagine what kind of photos she wants to take and how she wants it taken. She’s always on the hunt for the “perfect” location and she’s super laid back. She never forces me to get out of my comfort zone but she does help me by slowly pushing me. She’s always coming up with different poses. Super easy to work with because she doesn’t demand me to do anything I don’t want to do and she’s considerate of how I feel.

HIT HER UP if you’re in the North Shore/Boston area. You won’t regret it. 🙂

For a quick recap, dress is from AMICLUBWEAR. Cardigan is from WET SEAL. Boots and peacoat are from RUE21. Tights are from PRIMARK. Scarf is unknown but similar ones can be found at FOREVER21. Belt is from EBAY.

DISCLAIMER: Dress was gifted to me by AMICLUBWEAR.

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