Life In Pink – Christmas Eve Outfit

Life In Pink – Christmas Eve Outfit

My friends and I always have our annual Christmas Eve hang out.

Last year, we held it at my place and we did it again this year. We started the get together around 6:30PM and we took about an hour and a half to figure out what we wanted to eat. We had a failed attempt at ordering something local and then decided to order Domino’s and some local Asian restaurant.

We were missing one person. I texted her and the number called me back and it was some random guy, so I’m assuming she changed her number or she disconnected her phone. Either way, it was a bit awkward so I right away deleted the number.

At first, it was just me, my boyfriend, two of my best friends and their boyfriends. I haven’t seen them in almost two months so it was nice catching up and seeing how everyone was doing. I think we were all pretty hangry so we made sure we ordered food before we did anything else. We put on Fuller House on netflix and listened to music, too.

I don’t know why we don’t hang out often but we definitely need to! I absolutely loved spending every minute with them and it was just like old times. My girl best friend ended coming about two hours later and it was nice catching up with her and seeing how work was doing. I talk to her more than the other guys talk to her so it was really a nice time to see how we were all doing.

After we ate, we finally decided to open gifts. We almost forgot about them because we were so excited for the food. But I think everyone loves their gift! 🙂

My boyfriend actually did not want me to wear this dress. He said it looked like lingerie but I’m assuming he has never heard of a slip dress before. It’s wrinkly because I literally just took it out of the package that I ordered weeks ago. Oops. But this dress is from Wet Seal. I bought it when it was on clearance or 75% off! 75% off, don’t mind if I do! I wore pink last year and decided to wear pink again this year just because it’s my favorite holiday.

My makeup ranged from Kylie Cosmetics on my lips and eyes (eyeshadow), to Lancome for foundation, to Anastasia for concealer and eyebrows and so forth.

Looking forward to spending my New Year’s Eve with everybody again. 🙂

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