Blue Patterns

Blue Patterns

After we went snowboarding, we went to the water park to see how much tickets were. (You can read about our snowboarding adventure here in THIS POST.) A random guy went up to us and gave us two free tickets that were only available for just that day!

It was only about 2PM so we decided to go to the water park that day instead of the next day. The water park didn’t close until 9PM so we knew we had plenty of time. Our ARNBNB host gave us a discount on the water park tickets so instead of everybody paying $40, we all paid just $20, so pretty cheap!

After snowboarding and buying our tickets, we went straight to our ARNBNB, which was only 15 minutes away, to change and pack clothes.

Then, we went back, bought a locker to put our stuff and went straight to one of the rides. After going on the rides a couple times, we stayed on the lazy river for two turns and then we just stayed in the water and relaxed. We also went in the hot tub and rock climbed in the water. There was an outdoor hot tub but we didn’t go since it was freezing outside! I had my go pro with me and was able to take under water shots and videos.

It was so much fun! I definitely enjoyed the water park more than snowboarding and it was nice and relaxing. All the chlorine definitely did make me feel tired but it was nice to be in warm temperatures instead of the freezing cold.

I bought my bathing suit from Ebay! Yes, Ebay! It was only $7 for the entire set and it was a little small for my boobs. My nipples kept popping out but I was still able to fit into them and prevent my boobs were fully being exposed. It was padded and comfortable. I love the pattern and the colors. The bottoms fit me perfectly. Love the bikini!

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