Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

I love sweater dresses. They are a must for my winter wardrobe.

This day wasn’t too cold. It was between 30-40 degrees, so definitely not freezing but it’s definitely not warm either. This dress isn’t a heavy sweater but it’s still thick enough to be a sweater dress. I wore this to work and had no problems with it.

This dress is from Primark. It was originally $25 and it was on sale for $7! Such a steal! However, it’s not my usual size. I couldn’t find my size. I normally wear a size 2 in Primark but the only size I could find was a 6. And it looked small and tight so I didn’t think it mattered. And I was right! It wasn’t too big on me. It was a little loose but not too big or too tight. It outlined my body but not to the point where it was tight and you saw everything, which is good! Tight dresses are inappropriate for office settings. And mine wasn’t too tight, so I’m glad I bought it in a size 6 because if I bought it in a size 2, it would have been too tight to wear for work. The length was appropriate as well. It was a little passed my knees. So definitely work attire! Also, the neck area is kind of like a mock turtle neck. It wasn’t covering my entire neck but it did cover parts of it, so I’d call it a “mock turtle neck.” It was comfortable and didn’t bother my neck whatsoever. It did keep my neck warm even without a scarf on. Completely appropriate for work because it’s long enough, not too tight and not revealing!

I’m also glad it wasn’t too tight on me because even a size 6 showed my plump stomach so a size 2 would have made it worse. The sleeves were a bit long! I don’t mind long sleeves because my office tends to get cold and they rarely turn up the heat, so I can use the sleeves as a way to keep my hands warm! I know a lot of people hate long sleeves, but I’m perfectly fine with them! And the sleeves had fake “buttons” on them. They were poorly stitched on though. I think if I played with it a lot, the buttons would have ripped off, but other than that, I really love the dress!

The material is soft and warm. I didn’t have any problems with it whatsoever. Threads didn’t fall out and it didn’t rip on me, so that was good!

I definitely recommend everyone to wear sweater dresses! You can wear them to work or just for a casual day! Although my sweater dress isn’t thick, it’s still considered one. I do love thick sweater dresses but I also love mildly thick ones too for weather that isn’t too cold!

Tights and scarf are from Primark! I wore my regular black knee length boots from DSW. And I noticed my outfit was “too black” so I decided to wear a green scarf. It gave my outfit a little pop of color. The scarf is an infinity scarf and it definitely kept my neck warm while keeping me stylish. And the best part? It was only $3!! If you have a Primark near you, definitely go there because the prices are so affordable and the quality is similar to H&M and Forever 21, so it’s not too bad but it’s not too cheap feeling either!

Are there any places you recommend to buy sweater dresses? Let me know!

I wasn’t able to find the exact products I was wearing but I linked alternatives down below if you’re interested!

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