Polka Dots

Polka Dots

I know I say it all the time but I do love wearing dresses to work.

Today (Thursday, January 12 when I wore this outfit) was almost 60 degrees. 60 degrees in January? I’ll take that! I didn’t want to dress too warm but I also wanted to make sure I was warm in case it did get cold.

I originally wore a cardigan to work. You might have seen this cardigan already. I wore it to a night out in Boston in THIS POST. I wore it to work but took it off because it was surprisingly really warm in my office. I wore a sleeveless dress. That is actually inappropriate for a lot of office settings but my office is business casual so I do see my coworkers wearing t-shirts or just plain regular shirts and my boss and supervisor didn’t pull me to the side to say it was inappropriate. Plus, I had my cardigan too in case they did say it was inappropriate.

The cardigan is from H&M. It’s thick and warm and I wore it as a “jacket” since it was about 60 degrees out. Fairly warm! But it was a bit chilly out so when I did leave the office to walk to another building, I brought my cardigan with me. The cardigan is a couple shades darker than the actual dress but that’s okay. I think it’s perfectly fine to wear clothing of the same color but different shades! It makes the outfit more fun!

I normally don’t wear polka dots but I love this dress! It was a birthday gift from my sister. I think it’s either from Express or Arden B (before it shut down). It tugged on my belly a little. I’m not joking when I say I have a plump stomach! I fit it perfectly but it was tight on my stomach area. It’s comfortable, easy to put on and easy to take the zipper off. But it wasn’t too too tight on me.

Tights are from Primark. The outfit could have easily been worn without tights because it was fairly warm out but I wore them anyway just in case I did get cold. And of course, boots are from DSW. And the scarf is from Primark. Only $2 and it’s an infinity scarf! So comfortable and warm, too!

It was JUST snowing the week before and now it’s 60 degrees out? What? And the weather tomorrow is 40 degrees? Crazy! But I’m so excited for warmer days.

I wasn’t able to find the exact products I was wearing but I linked alternatives down below if you’re interested!


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