Another photoshoot with my sister and our friend.

Our photoshoot wasn’t exactly planned (Sat January 14). We had ideas of going to Boston but didn’t think about lightning and how cold it was going to be.

My sister and I woke up around 9/9:30 and went to pick up our friend, Lita, around 10:45 and then, we were off to Boston. We went to the Isabella Stewart Garner Museum. It opened at 11 but by the time we got there, it was 11:30/11:45 because we made a pit stop at Starbucks.

It’s $15 for the general public and then $5 for students. Luckily, we all had our college IDs still so it was only $5 for each of us. They had a coat room that we left our coats in. The museum is entirely inside. When I was looking at pictures online, it looked like part of the museum was outside but nope, it was entirely inside.

The second we walked into the museum, we were just in awe of everything. Some parts were spooky because they had dark colors, dark lighting but that’s what made us eager to check out every room of the museum. It’s definitely one of my favorite museums that I’ve ever visited. There’s 3 floors with tons and tons of artwork and portraits!

The first room we went to was just a general room with flowers. I think we spent half an hour just taking photos there because that’s how cool the place was to us. We technically aren’t allowed to have a photoshoot there but we did anyway and when one security officer asked, we said no and he carried on with his day, haha. Oops.

The museum is completely beautiful. If you’re ever in Boston, definitely go see it because there’s so many portraits and artwork and there’s a beautiful garden right in the center of the museum that you can see from either floor.

Afterwards, we went to a book binding class that taught us how to make a book. It was pretty simple. You just get cardboard paper, regular paper, glue a cover art to the cardboard paper, poke holes in the book and “sew” it together. I wish I was better at explaining it but if you were there, they pretty much break everything down for you. There were different stations for each stage. Station 1 was the basics – picking a cardboard paper and pretty much, picking the basics of a book. Station 2 was cutting the holes of the book. And so forth.

Altogether, I think we spent 3 hours at the museum. I’m definitely disappointed at their gift shop because they didn’t have any key chains. I’m a sucker for key chains!

We got lunch afterwards at a local Thai place. It was delicious but of course, I couldn’t finish my meal and ended up taking it to go.

It started to get dark but we were determined to go to Beacon Hill, which is a popular place for tourists. It was freezing out so we pretty much only spent about half an hour taking pictures altogether, from Acorn Street to Boston Commons. We were totally unprepared for this photoshoot so definitely next time, it’s going to be more organized.

My jeans were given to me by my sister. They’re from pacsun. I almost never wore jeans but decided to wear them and be different. They’re pretty loose on me. I think they’re “girlfriend jeans” so I constantly had to pull them up, but I love the feel of the jeans and how they looked. I had a cami underneath that’s from Primark, but the sweater is also from Primark. Everything I’ve been wearing lately is from Primark!! If only they sell online so that you guys can get good bargains too! The sweater was only $5! It was pretty loose but still fit me and still kept me warm. And still stylish! Pink is my favorite color. Definitely kept me cozy and cute! The scarf is from my supervisor. I wear it all the time! You can get a similar one from Forever 21! And the peacoat, I’ve had for years! My mom bought it from Wet Seal for $10. It kept me warm but the pockets were so small that I couldn’t keep my hands warm. I was freezing only because of my hands, everything else was warm! Shoes are from pinkbasis! I bought them years ago. They’re crochet so I wore socks to keep my feet warm. Of course, my feet were still somewhat cold. Ideally, this outfit is for 40 degrees and higher but I wore it for 20-30 degrees. I was fairly warm. I just wish my peacoat had actual pockets because then, maybe I would’ve been warmer! Also, my black purse is from Ebay! I bought it years ago and have recently started using it again.

Nonetheless, the day was fun. The photos are a combination of Lita’s & Linna’s. Enjoy!

I wasn’t able to find the exact products I was wearing but I linked alternatives down below if you’re interested!

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