White Out

White Out

I love button ups and cardigans, and I most definitely love wearing them together.

I originally was just going to wear the button up by itself, but it was freezing this day (Jan 18) so I decided to wear a cardigan over it.

Most of the time, I would wear a cardigan that was fitted so I can roll the sleeves over the cardigan – my normal blazer/button up look as seen HERE. But I also love oversized cardigans and decided to throw this oversized one on.

I bought this cardigan on sale from Primark in a size medium. It’s a wool-like cardigan with pockets! I love cardigans with pockets. It’s super soft, and it kept me warm throughout the day. My office doesn’t like to put the heater on, so I always have to bring a sweater of some sort. I love this color – it reminds me of the Forever 21 dress I wore in THIS POST. I just personally think this color looks good, not just on me, but in general. I wish this cardigan came in different colors because I honestly would have bought every color. (You can also pair this cardigan with a dress too!)

The button up is a short-sleeve button up from Primark! Yes, this outfit is from Primark! Love this place. Two buttons are missing unfortunately, but that’s okay. I honestly didn’t realize that until I got to work but it wasn’t too noticeable. It’s very light and somewhat see-through so I wore a gray cami (from Primark) underneath to make sure my boobs weren’t showing. I love the black outline, I think it makes the outfit look better and stand out. Love the little pocket. I really like this button up. You can wear it without the cardigan or with it. You can wear it as a business-casual outfit for work or for just a casual day. Love how you can style this in many different ways.

And the pants… yes, you guessed it – they’re from Primark! They’re actually jeans but they look like pants from far away. It fits me completely and outlines my body to give me somewhat of a nicely shaped figure. It wasn’t too tight or too loose on me. It’s a size 4 in women’s sizes. I normally am a zero depending on the store but they run in European sizes so that means they run smaller and I have to go up a size. The pants aren’t soft and the fabric isn’t too great, but it does the job! I didn’t have a problem with it – the fabric did NOT make my skin itchy or irritate my skin, so that was good! I think the pants are decent quality.

The shoes are not shown but I wore flats from 599FASHION. The shoes were only $10 but I think I bought them on sale for $8, but they definitely weren’t more than $10! Comfortable. They did squeak a little while I walked but they didn’t cut my ankles or my feet, so these flats were good for me!

Unfortunately, Primark does not have an online shop so I couldn’t link the exact products, but similar ones are below if you’re interested!


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