Splash of Berry

Splash of Berry

When I’m not wearing dresses, I wear a lot of bodysuits.

This bodysuit may look familiar. I wore the black/white one in THIS POST. In the previous post, I paired a bodysuit with a cardigan and dress pants. In this outfit, it’s a similar look but this time, I paired a bodysuit with regular pants and a cardigan. I changed only one thing about the look but it still makes all the difference. And the cardigan has a belt to tie the outfit together.

The bodysuit is from Wet Seal. SIMILAR ONE HERE. If you haven’t heard, Wet Seal is closing down all of its stores. I think they’re closing down their website, too. It was a disappointment because I’m constantly shopping there since it’s the only place that fits me completely. I was pretty bummed out. This bodysuit is the white/black version and it’s pretty comfortable. I think it’s professional to wear to work as long as you wear a blazer or cardigan to cover up the sleeveless arms.

The cardigan is from Forever 21. SIMILAR ONE HERE. I wanted a splash of color, hence why the cardigan isn’t in a black or white color. It’s thin so I don’t recommend going out in the cold with just this cardigan on – you’ll need a heavier cardigan or a jacket. I like how it comes with a little belt to tie around. I tied it around my waist in the front, although you can also reverse it and tie in the back, but I personally liked tying it in the front. And the color is gorgeous. It’s a plum, berry kind of color and I think it’s gorgeous.

I paired this outfit with black pants from American Apparel. SIMILAR ONE HERE. These are my favorite pants of all time. They’re stretchy. It does tighten up my waist area and emphasizes my plump stomach, but I do love how it outlines my body and gives me a little but. I re-wore these pants from THIS POST. I just love these pants and you’ll probably see a thousand more outfits with these pants. I’ll buy a different colored pair to change it up! But for now, these black pants are what I have now. The color did fade though. I was comparing the color to my black jacket and the color faded a lot. It almost looked like a washed up dark denim pants, so that just means I need to buy a new pair! But I totally recommend these pants. They’re stretchy, outline your body and give your butt a little push. So comfortable to wear. So easy to move around in them and stretch your legs.

I always forget to include my shoes but my flats are from 599fashion! SIMILAR ONE HERE. Super comfortable. Hate that it squeaks whenever I walk, but other than that, no complaints. It didn’t give me blisters. And they’re totally professional and work appropriate for an office setting.

And the scarf is from Primark. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It’s still cold here in New England so definitely need to bundle up!



    • Linda Tran
      February 13, 2017 / 3:58 am

      Thank you, Rubi!

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