Lacey Valentine’s Day

Lacey Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

I spent my valentine’s day with my boyfriend in the afternoon and then with my sisters at night.

Lately, I’ve been adoring the color Berry, as seen in THIS POST and THIS POST. I don’t know why but berry/purple colors have really caught my attention. I bought this dress from Rue 21 back in January and was planning to wear it for my best friend’s birthday but changed my mind last minute and told myself I was going to wear it for Valentine’s Day. And I don’t regret it at all. The dress is a size small, I think an extra small would have fit me better. But it still fit me and outlined my body. The dress is “layered” with a lace fabric on top and a sheer fabric in the bottom in a color beige and it was pretty soft. The lace wasn’t itchy and didn’t bother me. But this dress made me feel good and sexy and I adored wearing it. It outlined my body and gave my non-existence a little something. Every girl has that one dress (or multiple) that makes them feel like a Queen and well, this dress made me feel like one. I absolutely was in love with this dress when I saw it and HAD to buy it, and I’m so glad I did. I also adore the back of the dress as well. I unfortunately could not find the dress online because I bought it awhile ago but THIS IS A LITTLE SIMILAR.

Shoes that I keep wearing from 599fashion are FINALLY shown. I constantly talk about these shoes but somehow never manage to have pictures of them and TODAY I FINALLY DO. The shoes are comfortable but they do squeak when I walk sometimes, but you get what you paid for. Still, these shoes were comfortable to wear and I didn’t have too much of a problem. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

My trench coat is old. I’ve had it for years and all the buttons have ripped off unfortunately. I think it’s either from Forever 21 or a similar store. It’s a thin coat so I usually only wear it when it’s not too cold because it wouldn’t be ideal for harsh weather. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

My siblings all told me that my outfit would look better if I accessorized. I’m all for accessorizing an outfit but I don’t own that many jewelry. I grew up never really wearing jewelry and it stuck by me. I am slowly trying to branch into accessorizing with jewelry but for now, my outfits will continue to be plain without jewelry. If you like jewelry, definitely dress it up and accessorize!

What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day?


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