Pink Up The Party

Pink Up The Party

This was my outfit to work on Valentine’s Day.

Pink is my favorite color and Valentine’s Day gave me an excuse to wear it and to experiment with different shades.

My button up is from Rue 21. It’s supposed to be a crop top so I had a beige cami underneath so that my skin didn’t show. I love florals and will wear it even in the winter. I think the button up is fun and it was Valentine’s Day, so it made it even better. I adore the colors. It’s a size XS so it fit me perfectly. It didn’t tug on my body and isn’t meant to be tight, it was one of those flowy crop button ups. I also like how it’s tied in the bottom. I think it’s cute and totally appropriate for Valentine’s Day and office settings!

I threw on this blazer from Forever 21. (SIMILAR ONE HERE.) It’s a different shade of pink because I wanted to experiment with different shades. I love being able to throw different shades of one color together and I think this shade complimented the button up – double the pink! And it made my outfit even more fun. I love the buttons on the blazer. It does make noise when I move a lot but it wasn’t too annoying or unbearable. I think the silver buttons made the blazer look even better. The fabric was soft, too. It’s pretty long. It was able to cover my butt entirely, which I didn’t mind.

PANTS ARE FROM H&M in a size 4. I adore H&M’s pants because I love the way they outline my legs and are tight but not to tight for my body. I love wearing tight clothing and these pants just fit me perfectly. I think the beige/tannish color compliments the pink as well.

As for the boots, I bought these boots years ago and it was my first time wearing them.. and NEVER AGAIN. I’m not going to disclose where I bought them because I’ve purchased from this site numerous times and never had a problem. But the boots started ripping while I was walking and the heel almost tore off. Never am I wearing these boots again. But the color complimented my outfit. And I adore pink, brown, and beige together. I actually like these boots but am disappointed that they were falling apart on me. It’s probably because I bought these boots 4-5 years ago but that still shouldn’t have made a difference. You can find a much better pair HERE.

I absolutely adore this outfit and the color combination!

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