Green Button Up + Beige Pants

Green Button Up + Beige Pants

Button Ups & Beige Pants

I decided to pair my green button up with beige pants.

I think it’s fun to pair colors together to see if they work best together. My button up is from Rue 21. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It has open slits on the arms and it’s a chiffon fabric. I like chiffon fabric so I didn’t have a problem with wearing this. It’s loose, it’s cute and I love the color. It’s a dark green color and I just think it’s overall a cute shirt.

Because it’s chiffon and see through, I do have a cami from Primark underneath.

I think the open slits are a little inappropriate for work so I did throw on a blazer from Forever 21. SIMILAR ONE HERE. Plus, it was 30 degrees outside so I wanted to stay warm. The blazer is shorter than the shirt but I didn’t mind. It was thick and kept me warm. It was proportionate to my body and fit me well. I decided to wear a black blazer to match with my black ankle boots.

My black ankle boots are from 599fashion can be seen in THIS POST and THIS POST. SIMILAR ONE HERE. I love ankle boots, especially when they’re black because it’s easier to pair things with it. They go with most outfits and I just overall liked this look.

PANTS ARE FROM H&M. They do have a waistband instead of the usual button and zipper. My boyfriend thought they were leggings. They do LOOK like leggings but they’re technically aren’t. They didn’t feel like leggings to me. They are elastic and stretch but the feel of it wasn’t the same as leggings and they aren’t as tight as leggings. They outlined my entire body, especially my ass (you can see my underwear line, sorry!!) but it didn’t show my camel toes like my leggings normally do. I wear these as just pants with shorter tops all the time and I don’t think it’s inappropriate or looks wrong. I love the color and think it looks amazing with this green colored shirt.

I love pairing things together.

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