Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

I try to branch out from the usual tights-with-dresses or leggings-and-cardigan look, so I decided to wear my boyfriend jeans.

I bought these boyfriend jeans over two years and have worn them only once. I decided to wear these to Philly since it was only going to be about 60 degrees. I wore “girlfriend jeans” IN THIS POST and paired it up with a sweater so I decided to switch things up. I think boyfriend jeans look amazing with something tight, in this case, a bodysuit. My boyfriend jeans are white and from TJ Maxx. I bought them because they were “different” but never actually wore them because at the time, I wasn’t into denim. Weird, right? But lately, I’ve been branching back into denim and these boyfriend jeans are amazing. I love the color, the ripped jeans and just the feel of it. It was a little loose on me because I have a small waist but it did fit me on my legs and I absolutely adore these jeans. SOMEWHAT SIMILAR ONE HERE.

The bodysuit is from THIS POST and it’s from wet seal. It’s not entirely tight but it was fitting and I love the color and the pairing of it with the white denim jeans. I love the low cut of this bodysuit and I actually don’t mind that it makes me look like I have small boobs. I also love the back of the bodysuit. It’s low cut and revealing and I love it that way. GRAY LOW CUT VERSION HERE.

The cardigan is from THIS POST and from Primark. I adore oversized cardigans. The logo on my jeans was a brown/caramel color so I thought the cardigan went perfectly with this outfit. It was a bit chilly in Philly but it kept me warm and I adore it. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Shoes are from 599fashion. They’re “lace-up flats” even though I didn’t tie the laces all around my ankle like I was supposed to. I just tied the laces together at the front of my ankles. They’re pointy flats. The color is a soft beige color and actually didn’t match the caramel colored cardigan, but that’s okay. I think the shoes still went with the outfit because they’re all neutral-toned colors. And the shoes were comfortable to walk in, too. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

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    • Linda Tran
      February 27, 2017 / 5:09 pm

      I agree!

  1. June 12, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    Love it.. I love boyfriend jeans my favorite

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