Florals In The Winter

Florals In The Winter

Day 3 of Philadelphia.

Maroon floral 599fashion dress (SIMILAR HERE) | Beige target cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) | Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) | Ebay navy blue peacoat | Black 599fashion ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE)

I never “follow fashion rules” and I don’t think everybody does either.

Florals are “supposed to be for spring” but I wear them all year round, even in the winter. I bought this dress because of the cut. You actually can’t see it in the photos but there’s a “slit/cut” in the cleavage area where it shows part of my cleavage and the back of the dress has a slight open back as well. I love dresses with slits and cuts to them so when I saw this dress, I HAD to buy it. There was a black version but I wanted the maroon color because I’ve been loving maroon/berry/purple lately as seen in THIS POST, THIS POST, THIS POST. I absolutely adore florals even though I hate flowers. It’s weird, right? But I love wearing florals and I love maroon so I thought it was the perfect combination. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

It was colder this day than the previous two days. I wore the same cardigan from the day before, from target. It’s thin so it didn’t keep me entirely warm. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I had a peacoat on. I’ve had this peacoat for years. It’s actually pretty thin but it still kept me warm from all the layers. It only has two buttons so it didn’t cover me up entirely, just only from the waist and up. I love the navy blue color. I’ve had this for years and it hasn’t ripped on me yet. I actually bought this from Ebay for only $15!! And it still looks nice!

Tights are from Primark. They’re thicker than the normal tights I wear. I didn’t pack any thin tights for this trip. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I wore the same black ankle boots I always wear – as seen in THIS POST, THIS POST. I’ve worn them so many times since I bought them back in August and it hasn’t fallen apart on me yet. It’s still comfortable for me to wear and I absolutely adore it. I also have a brown/tannish one AS SEEN IN THIS POST. BUY A SIMILAR PAIR HERE.


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