Travel With Me To: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Travel With Me To: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

One of the places we visited when we were in Philadelphia was the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, which was also known as PAFA.

My sister googled free things to do for President’s weekend and this museum popped up as free, so we decided why not.

It wasn’t as busy but there were people there. We found out that the museum was a two-building museum, so that was cool. The buildings are right next to each other with a sculpture in the middle. I think it’s originally $20 for admissions.

We walked around all three floors of the first building, and we were just in awe of everything. I’m a huge fan of museums and art, so I love going there. I think my sisters enjoyed themselves, too. Individually, the buildings aren’t as big as the ones in Boston. My sister was comparing the place to Boston, saying, “Oh, the Boston one is much bigger.” It’s true, but I still loved seeing the art regardless.

The second building was for World War 1 & 2. I usually go to Contemporary Art museums, so this was a little different for me. Nonetheless, it was nice seeing the place.

There was a floor designated for students’ artwork and I saw a painting of Justin Bieber crying and HAD to take a picture.

I think no matter what kind of art you’re interested in, you’ll still have fun seeing all the artwork in this museum. It’s definitely different from the regular museums I go to but it also taught me a lot about the history that went on. I never really liked history in high school and never bothered to learn it, so it was nice re-learning everything.

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