Travel With Me To: Our Philly AIRBNB

Travel With Me To: Our Philly AIRBNB

My sister decided to book an AIRBNB instead of a hotel because it was cheaper.

We saw pictures online but we couldn’t wait to see the place. Getting in was pretty easy. The owner made it easy for us to get in with directions on what to do, where to go, etc. But unfortunately, we did not meet the owner.

When we walked in, right away, I was blown away. There was a tv right when we opened the door and there were stairs in front of them. The living room and dining room were cozy and there was enough room to fit all 7 of us.

The kitchen itself was pretty big and they had utensils for us to use as long as we washed them afterwards. It was pretty cozy.

The stairs and hallway on the second and third floor are very NARROW, so safe to say, only one person can go up and down the stairs at a time.

On the second floor, there was a towel room. They had a room for towels and pillows and blankets that we could use if we needed extra! I wish I would have known because I packed two towels. It would’ve saved me some space! We used this room as another “bedroom” and put an air mattress in it.

There was a room on the second floor. The colors were neutral and cozy. The bed was a queen sized bed and everything was clean.

The bathroom was pretty big and there was even a door to a small porch. I thought it was creepy at first but I’ve used it to go outside. There unfortunately is no view. All the houses are RIGHT next to each other, so you can practically hear the neighbors in the next room if you put your ear on the wall or if they talked loud. I’m already used to that kind of environment so it wasn’t a big deal.

The stairs are narrow. There’s not much to the third floor. It’s just stairs and when you get to the top, there’s a room to your left and right, and THAT’S IT for the third floor.

The bedroom on the third floor are similar to one another. They both have a teal/green color but the beds are queen sized and cozy. They’re bright and fun, and also clean and roomy. My sister stayed in the room with the giraffe while I picked the room with the “shoe” decoration. It fit my personality perfectly.

Although the stairs were narrow, the airbnb was still cozy and felt like home. Just enough for 7 people! And I absolutely adored the decorations. It made the place look even better.

Overall, our trip was pretty fun.

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