White Sweater Dress

White Sweater Dress

My sister has been giving me all the clothes she doesn’t want anymore, so lately, I’ve been receiving hand-me-down clothes.

Loft XS dress (SIMILAR HERE) | S old peacoat | size 7 DSW boots (SIMILAR HERE) | Primark tights (SIMILAR HERE)

I saw this dress in the pile and knew I had it get it. It’s a dress from Loft in a size XS. I absolutely adore the color. I never really wear white because I get scared that I’m going to dirty it, but thankfully, I didn’t. The dress is soft, almost like it’s cashmere and it’s long enough to cover my butt and to wear to work. The dress’s top/opening part is like a scarf so I didn’t feel the need to layer up with another scarf since the neck scoop resembled a scarf anyway. The dress is thick and it kept me warm when it was in the 50s this day. Because it’s thick, you weren’t able to see the outline of my tights and underwear. Sometimes, I hate wearing white dresses because the fabric would be too thin and you’d be able to see my underwear, but not with this dress! It was soft, thick and appropriate for work! SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Tights are from Primark. They’re the thicker ones since it was going to be in the 50s and I wanted to keep warm. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Peacoat was from my sister. She had it for years and then gave it to me, and then I’ve had it for a couple years. It’s starting to get worn down but it’s still bearable. The buttons are coming loose but that’s easily fixable. This peacoat still keeps me warm and it’s pretty thick.

Boots are new, from DSW. SIMILAR ONE HERE. I took them from my sister. They were in the closet and I saw them and had to wear them. The only thing I hate about them is that when I walk, the zipper part of my boots keep making noises and I don’t like when my boots hit each other when I walk. I have to walk a certain way to prevent the boots from hitting each other when I walk and it’s annoying because I’ll walk like I have a wedgie or my pants are about to fall. I probably won’t wear them too often because I have to alter the way I walk, but I do love the color and how thick the boots are.

Nonetheless, the outfit kept me warm for 50 degree weather.

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