Black Lace Collared Dress

Black Lace Collared Dress

A little bit of lace never hurt nobody.

599fashion dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark tights (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE) || Wet Seal Beige thick cardigan (SIMILAR HERE)

I absolutely adore this dress. SIMILAR ONE HERE. I wore it the second day we were in San Jose. (It’s technically Day 1 since we arrived to San Jose at night the previous day but same thing haha.) I adore lace and black together. My sisters thought it was a “funeral dress” but I liked it. It’s different from dresses I normally wear. I usually never wear dresses with a collar on them. The material is thick. The dress (thankfully) didn’t show my underwear line or my tights’ line, so that’s great! I love wearing thick dresses for that purpose. It’s more so a t-shirt dress since the sleeves only go half way. I adore the lace on this dress and thought it looked perfect! I don’t think I would ever wear this to work, it’s not “office appropriate” but for a casual (or even a fancy night out) day, this dress was perfect! It wasn’t too tight on me, so it’s not a bodycon dress. It gave me room to breathe but also fit me well. And it’s not that short as well! I think I could get away with wearing this at work if I wore a cardigan on top!

Speaking of cardigans, I wore the same one from THIS POST. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It’s thick, warm and cozy! I wish it was longer – I wanted it to be as long as the dress so that it looked better, but I only wore it when I was in San Fran, since it was freezing in there. Other than that, I had my cardigan off.

You’re probably tired of seeing the same old boots but like I said, it was a last minute visit to San Jose so I only packed these pair of boots. I’ll probably wear my sisters’ or my mom’s shoes here and there, but you’re going to see these boots for the next few outfits, haha. They’re so comfortable, though! I love the black on black, and I think the white lace gave it a little classy chic look! SIMILAR PAIR OF BOOTS HERE.

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