Lacey White Top

Lacey White Top

Everybody needs a nice white top.

Rue 21 Lacey White Top (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Black Pants || Wet Seal Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

This day was a lot warmer than the other days so I decided to wear a lacey white top from Rue 21. I love the design and how “low cut” the shirt is. I’ve never worn anything like this tip so it was definitely different for me. I love the lacey “collar” and it fit me perfectly. It’s an XS and I didn’t have a problem with putting it off or taking it off. It is a little see-through. I just have a white bra on underneath but if the see-through-ness bothers you, definitely put on a white cami underneath. I do think it’s not that transparent so you’ll be fine with just a bra underneath. The material is somewhat soft but it’s definitely sheer. But it’s a material you can definitely wear and won’t bother you throughout the day. The lace definitely makes the top look ten times classier and it definitely makes the top look “dressed up.” And the sleeves are gorgeous! They’re somewhat like “bell bottom” sleeves because they don’t tighten on my arms and instead, they flow like swinging dresses do. I love the sleeves and I’m glad they aren’t just like a regular shirt where they’re just tight on your arms and wrist. AN ALTERNATIVE HERE.

I threw on a cardigan from Wet Seal because I knew it was going to get a little chilly. The cardigan was black, white and gray and had little patterns on it, but it was thick enough to keep me warm. I recommend this for the spring and fall time. I don’t recommend for harsh winters since it’s fairly light but it is thick enough for cool weather. AN ALTERNATIVE HERE.

Pants/jeans are from H&M and I adore them because they fit me so well. It’s a size 4 and it’s mid-rise. They fit me perfectly on my legs, thighs and even my waist! I typically have a hard time finding pants that fit my waist but these fit me PERFECTLY. They weren’t too tight nor did it fall down my waist. The material is soft and stretchy. I recommend H&M but their sizes run in European sizes so definitely go up a size!

Shoes are from 599fashion. Same old pair that I always wear and will continue to wear until they’re ripped! SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Also, I spontaneously got a tattoo with my sisters! Love California!

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    • Linda Tran
      March 14, 2017 / 11:37 pm

      Thank you so much, Erin!

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