Sweater Dresses + Cardigans

Sweater Dresses + Cardigans

Long cardigans are my thing!

F21 Beige slit cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || F21 Maroon Sweater Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE)

It was somewhat warm this day. I went shopping at Forever 21 a couple days earlier and they had a sale on their clearance rack and I found this cardigan. I’ve always wanted a long cardigan to go with my dresses and I finally found one! This beige one is way past my knees and it has slits on both sides! I love dresses and things in general with slits on them and I just fell in love with this! They have buttons in case you wanted to button up but I left my cardigan open! Love this beige color and love the length and the sits. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

The maroon sweater dress is also from Forever 21. It was on sale. It’s soft, warm and cozy. It’s not too tight on me but it’s also not too loose on me. It’s a turtle neck dress. The turtle neck kind of tickled my neck a bit but I got used to it an hour later and adored the neck. It was chilly at night in San Jose so it definitely kept my neck warm! I also love the color. I’m obsessed with maroon. The sleeves can easily be rolled up – that’s how stretchy the dress is! But the sleeves also aren’t too long on me either. They go right up to my wrists and I didn’t have to worry about the sleeves falling down on my arm or falling down past my wrists. They were perfect on my arms! SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Tights are from Primark. SIMILAR ONE HERE. And boots are from 599fashion. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I love pairing my sweater dresses with cardigans. Because the sweater dress has a turtle neck, I thought paring this cardigan was perfect for it. I love beige and maroon together so I thought the color combination was gorgeous.


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