Olive Dress

Olive Dress

This day was fairly cool in California.

Forever 21 Dress in a SMALL || Wet Seal Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

The weather in San Jose is similar to Boston, but with no snow. The weather was in between 50-60 so there were times when I was warm and there were times when I was cold.

This olive dress is from Forever 21. It’s a thin, satin dress with a low cut neck and is held together with a button at the back. I normally don’t wear bras but I wore one just in case I accidentally had a nip slip. The low cut neck is revealing – I held my dress half the time to make sure my boobs weren’t too exposed, so in the pictures, the slit doesn’t look as big, but it is. I wore the dress anyway because it’s cute, I love the color and I love the cut. Eventually, I was able to keep the dress together without having to hold on to it. If I were to run or quickly walk, then you’d probably be able to see the “open slit” a lot better. It’s a flowy dress so it was roomy but also comfortable for me to wear. It wasn’t see-through but it was a fairly thin dress. I love the feel and texture of the dress along with the color. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. This dress would be perfect for a night out or for a dinner, but I decided to wear it as a casual dress, and it worked fine for me. I also love the waist line because it helps pull the dress together and make it look “tighter.” It’s also long sleeves.

Cardigan is from Wet Seal. It’s a button up cardigan that you’ve probably seen before because I wear it a lot. It’s somewhat thin but it matched with the dress so I wore it. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Tights are from Primark. SIMILAR HERE. And shoes are from 599fashion. SIMILAR HERE.


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