High Low Zipper Dresses + Striped Cardigans

High Low Zipper Dresses + Striped Cardigans

I’m all about pairing different things together.

Forever 21 High Low Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Thrifted Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE) || Target Coat (SIMILAR HERE)

It was somewhat warm this day in California so I decided to wear this black high low dress from Forever 21. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It’s an XS and fits me perfectly. There’s a zipper in the middle where you can zip all the way up or just a little to expose your cleavage. I zipped the dress all the way up, although it does look better when it’s half zipped up. Zippering it all the way up still exposed my cleavage a little bit but not as much as it would if it wasn’t zipped up. The fabric is soft and stretchy. I love how short it is in the front and how long it is in the back. I used to wear high-low skirts and dresses all the time, so I decided to bring it back. It’s also a sleeveless dress so I wore a cardigan to keep me warm!

The cardigan was thrifted. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It’s stripes, no surprise. I wish the cardigan was longer so that it was the same length as how long the back of the dress is, but nonetheless, I liked the combination together. There are small pockets on the front and it’s a buttoned up cardigan. It’s a light blue and black combination. I thought it went perfectly with the zipper dress. It’s a pretty thin cardigan but I also brought a coat to keep me warm in case it got chilly. The sleeves weren’t too long on me. They fit me right up to my wrist. To be honest, I love long sleeves because it helps me keep warm when I’m freezing, but nonetheless, I love this cardigan.

Coat is from Target. SIMILAR ONE HERE. I wore this coat for the two weeks that I was in California. I adore it.

Tights are from Primark. SIMILAR ONE HERE. Boots are from 599fashion. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

Did anyone notice that I was on the same street that the Fast movies were filmed in?! It was pretty cool to see it in person. And this was my third time visiting San Francisco. I love this beautiful city and there’s so much to do here!


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