Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring


XS Wet Seal Top (SIMILAR HERE) || XS Loft Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M High Waisted Pull Up Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

Technically, this outfit was a couple weeks before it was spring, but it’s okay, because I was getting ready for spring.

It sure doesn’t feel like Spring here in Boston because there’s still snow and it’s freezing every other day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about the new season.

The floral top is a sleeveless top with a ruffled bottom somewhat. It was tight on my stomach because there’s a slight waist line, but other than that, the top was perfect. I adore the colors and was excited to wear it because of spring. It’s an XS in Wet Seal. Unfortunately, Wet Seal closed down, so you can find a similar one RIGHT HERE.

I wanted to match the colors on my top so I threw on this XS Loft cardigan on. I love anything pink, so when I saw this cardigan and saw that it matched my top, I knew it was meant to be. The sleeves are somewhat long – it go beyond my wrists but I didn’t mind. There are buttons in case I wanted to “cover up” or in case I was cold. The length is a little small. It’s goes a little below my belly button so I’d advise to wear a cami underneath and tuck it in so skin isn’t showing (if you’re wearing this to work) but other than that, it fit my arms perfectly. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

My pants are high waisted and from H&M, so I didn’t have to worry about my skin showing. The pants were tight on my stomach since I do have a plump stomach, but it fit my legs perfectly and it was stretchy, so I didn’t have too much of a problem. They’re “pull up” pants, so I didn’t have zippers or belt loops, so basically, they resemble leggings but they’re thicker. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

And of course, shoes are from 599fashion. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

This outfit is totally appropriate for an office setting, so cardigans are a must for my office-wear-work wardrobe.


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