Neutral Tones With Florals

Neutral Tones With Florals

Here in Boston, it doesn’t even feel like Spring yet. The weather has been cold and last week, it was raining.

XS Loft Floral Shirt (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

However, just because it doesn’t feel like Spring, doesn’t mean I can’t dress like Spring.

I normally dress according to the weather and my mood, but because it’s been dark and gloomy last week, I didn’t want to dress gloomy. I wanted to dress like it was actually spring.

My floral shirt is a pretty beige and loose button up from Loft in a size XS. SIMILAR HERE. It’s a soft material with light colors. I thought it was appropriate for this gloomy day because my shirt gives off a little Spring vibe.

I paired this shirt with an H&M cardigan. SIMILAR HERE. The beige is a darker shade than the shirt and I thought it matched perfectly because I kept the color shades together. The cardigan is shorter than the shirt but I was going for a “layered look” since I wanted to show my readers how you can layer with a button up. I like how the collars of my shirt show and that the cardigan is shorter than the actual shirt. The cardigan is somewhat thick and I love the sleeves. It kept me warm in my cold office.

Pants are stretchy elastic pull up pants from H&M. SIMILAR HERE. The pants do feel elastic but they were stretchy. I didn’t have a problem with the pants being too tight or uncomfortable for me. It was a little loose on my waist but other than that, the pants fit my legs and thighs perfectly. I normally wouldn’t recommend wearing elastic pants to an office setting but my office is really lenient which is how I’m able to “get away with it.” I barely have that many dress pants so I just work with what I have and I’m also thankful that my office isn’t too strict about dress codes.

Shoes are from 599fashion. I like that I wore black because it gives it a little pop of color and black matches with everything and anything. SIMILAR HERE.


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