Little Lace Never Hurt Nobody

Little Lace Never Hurt Nobody

70 degree weather in Boston? Finally.

Loft S beige dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Green Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion flats (SIMILAR HERE)

Lately, the weather has been trying to transition to warmer days. Every time I think it’s going to be warm, it ends up being cold. But surprisingly, this day (April 10), it was fairly warm. It was a little breezy but nothing to cold. As I’ve seen from a lot of my students and people in my city, it was “shorts weather.”

Because it was going to be 70 degrees, I thought it was appropriate enough to wear a dress. I stole this dress from my sister. It’s a beige, cream, flowy lace skater dress from Loft in a size small. I adore the lace and the color of the dress. I think if it wasn’t for the lace, it would be appropriate for work because it’s not too tight, it’s long enough and the material is thick enough to not show any underwear lines. SIMILAR HERE.

I wore a cardigan FROM THIS POST to cover up the lace in a way. The back of my dress isn’t too lacey, just at the top, but I figured it was a little inappropriate for work, so I threw on this cardigan. It’s a hi-low cardigan, where it’s pretty long in the front and a lot shorter in the back, but in general, it’s typically the same length as the dress. It’s not too thick but it’s soft and it kept me warm when it was a little breezy outside. I decided to wear a green cardigan over this beige dress for a “pop of color” and I think spring screams out, “Spring Time!” SIMILAR HERE.

Of course, because it was cold in the morning, I put on tights for more warmth! At the end of the day, it wasn’t too cold nor was it too hot but because sometimes, I get cold easily, I thought tights were appropriate for me.

Flats aren’t shown but they are from THIS POST. I adore these shoes and I’m so excited to be wearing flats more often instead of the same old boots.


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