Dresses Paired With Long Cardigans

Dresses Paired With Long Cardigans

One minute, it’s snowing. The next minute, it’s sunny out.

Loft sz Medium Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Loft White Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

Today (April 3) was a pretty sunny day out. Everybody had light sweaters on but I originally had on a peacoat with this outfit.

The dress is a size medium in Loft. The dress is big on me but I like working with what I have and I thought this dress was beautiful, so even though it wasn’t my size, I still wore it. The fabric is pretty thick so even without my cardigan, you can’t see any underwear line or tight line, which is good for me! I always get nervous wearing light colored dresses because of that but I didn’t have that problem. It is a little low cut for work but not too inappropriate since my boobs weren’t all over the place and I had a cardigan to button it up, if my colleagues or boss thought it was inappropriate. I love the light pink shade because it makes me feel like Spring really is here even though it’s raining or snowing every other day. The dress is a short-sleeve dress. I see my colleagues wearing short sleeve dresses all the time especially in the summer, so I don’t think short sleeve dresses are inappropriate in my office, but it can be in other offices, so I paired it up with a cardigan for a more appropriate look. The dress is about two-three inches above my knee, which isn’t too inappropriate for work. I think that’s a perfect length for an office setting – you can probably get away with a dress that’s two more inches shorter, but as long as your dresses are longer than your arms when you line them up next to your body, then it’s fine! SIMILAR ONE HERE. Of course, if your dress is “too short,” you can always pair it up with a longer cardigan.

I paired up this dress with a long, thick white cardigan from Loft in a size medium. There are buttons if I want to button up my outfit. I purposely wore this cardigan to what it’s like to layer a dress and a thick cardigan together. I know you’ve seen dresses and cardigan outfits before like in THIS POST, THIS POST, and THIS POST. But I more so wanted to show an outfit with a thick cardigan and one that was longer than the dress, and to show how you can layer with dresses. The cardigan definitely kept me warm. I wasn’t too hot but I was freezing in my office so it was a good thing I wore a thick cardigan. The sleeves of the cardigan are really long on me since it is a size bigger than me, so I folded the sleeves at the end so that they didn’t fall right down my wrists. I like how long the cardigan is and can easily be paired with long dresses. I know sometimes it’s hard to find cardigans to match the length of maxi dresses or longer dresses, but there are long cardigans out there. Mine is from Loft but HERE IS A SIMILAR ONE.

Because I was still cold, even though it was mid 50s, I still paired my dress with a 40 denier tights and ankle boots. (Once it’s hotter, you’ll finally stop seeing these boots.)


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