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Loft Medium Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark size 4 Embroidered Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Tights (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Cami (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE)

For a while, embroidery was in. It still is technically but it was extremely popular a couple months ago. I saw embroidery on every item of clothing I saw in stores at the mall and even online stores. I gave in and decided to buy embroidered clothing.

I saw this dress at Primark and liked how simple it was. It was soft and satin, somewhat silky. I took it off the rack and saw the back of the dress and fell in love. I just had to get it. I purposely packed this for Canada. Of course, I forgot that satin is easily wrinkly so when I took it out of my suitcase, it was wrinkly and unfortunately, I didn’t have an iron, so I walked around with a wrinkly dress. But that’s okay! I love the color and how long the dress is. It’s simple but also classy and chic. You can totally wear it to work – it’s appropriate. It’s not see-through and the length is completely appropriate. I buttoned my dress all the way but I do have a cami from Primark underneath. You can wear this button up as an extra layer of clothing and have a top with a skirt or even jeans underneath. That’s another way to style this dress, but I wore it as a simple dress. I didn’t want to wear it as an extra layer. I just think it’s a beautiful dress and I love the simple embroidery on the back! SIMILAR ONE HERE.

It was cold in Montreal so I threw on this thick white cardigan that you’ve already seen in THIS POST. It’s longer than the dress so it’s a bit of a layered look and it’s thick so it kept me warm when Montreal’s wind hit me. I also decided to wear white to give my outfit a little contrast instead of having a black cardigan on. The white totally makes the outfit stand out more! I love the way the white stands out. SIMILAR ONE HERE.

I put on tights because it’s colder here in Montreal and paired it up with the same old boots that I always wear.

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