Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes

I wear a lot of stripes!

Striped Top || Pants || Flats

You’ve probably already noticed this, but most of my outfits always consist of stripes. I just have a thing for stripes so you’ll see plenty more of outfits consisting them. My top is an old top from Charlotte Russe. I bought it, not even joking, back in 2012 and I still have it after all these years. I love stripes and what I was drawn to about this top was how flowy it is. Yes, it doesn’t flatter my body and makes me look bigger than I normally am, but I just love how cute it is! The sleeves, the length, the color just makes the top look amazing! I love how flowy and cute it is. YES, it is wrinkly – I have a bad habit of not ironing my clothes but I still like the outfit. It’s one of my favorite tops and I think it’s completely appropriate for work! It has an elastic waist and it ties in the shirt to make it tighter for me. The sleeves are somewhat bat-wing or butterfly-like. And the color is perfect. I think royal blue looks amazing on everyone.

My pants are from H&M. They’re skinny pants with the zipper and button on the side. I love pants that are on the side and not in the usual front side. I love how tight the pants are and how fitting they are. My top is pretty long and it covers part of my butt so I was able to cover it when I wore this outfit to work. I try not to wear tight pants to work because it’s completely inappropriate but my top was long enough to cover part of my butt. I just love how they make me feel. I buy most of my pants from H&M and I totally recommend them. They weren’t too tight on me and I was able to stretch my legs and move around. Black and royal blue is such a great color combination.

I wore white flats with the outfit to match the white stripes. I think the white flats go perfectly with my outfit and ties it in altogether.

Do you like stripes?


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  1. July 8, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Loving that top! That lip color looks so good on you too! 🙂

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