Wearing Skirts In The Office

Wearing Skirts In The Office

I try to even out my outfits from my work life outfits and my casual/night out outfits.

Beige Skirt || Geometric Top || Black Flats

With that being said, today’s post is for anyone that works in the office. I love wearing skirts to the office. Being professional and presentable are two important things to me when dressing for an office life, but that doesn’t mean I have to take my style away.

Skirts are totally fine for the office as long as they are not too short or too tight! You never want to wear bodycon or pencil skirts to the office. It shouldn’t outline your body completely. With that being said, I am wearing a Banana Republic skirt in a size 2! It’s not tight nor does it outline my body completely. It wasn’t even tight on me at all. I think it’s because I normally don’t wear women sizes since they’re always big on me. I had a lot of room when wearing this skirt but it wasn’t loose to the point it was falling down. There’s a button on the side that lets me make sure my skirt is secured and tight! I love this beige color. The length isn’t too long nor is it too short. However, I do think the skirt is appropriate for work because when I bend down, my butt doesn’t show. It’s the perfect length for work. It’s not too thick or too thin. But it is perfect enough that tucking in my shirt doesn’t make the outfit bulky nor do you see my underwear line/shirt line. It’s perfect for the office! I love the color and it’s just beautiful and I totally recommend for work.

My top is one of my favorites. It is pretty long. It goes way past my waist but thankfully, you can’t tell with this skirt! The skirt doesn’t show you the outline or line of my shirt, which is great! I love the colors and the design of this shirt. I think it’s perfect. I love the neckline. I think it’s fun and pretty. It makes working in the office seem better. When I look good, I feel good! Wearing this shirt made me feel confident and like I can tackle on anything. It also makes the outfit stand out and look even better. Who doesn’t like a statement shirt? This shirt was definitely a statement and that’s what I love about this outfit!

The shoes aren’t shown in this outfit. I took my shoes off but I wore black flats. Flats with skirts are the perfect combination, especially for the office. If I wasn’t working and this outfit was for a casual or even a night out, I would have worn sandals or opened-toe shoes!

What do you guys wear to the office?


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  1. July 10, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    Tottally agree, this look is perfect for the office! I work from home, so I usually wear jeans or some leisure pants, but I would wear skirts if I worked in the office.


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