Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream Review

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream Review

For those of you who read my posts, then you know that I have combination skin.

I have oily T-zones and dry under eyes. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to find good skin care products because they also have to be able to handle my sensitive skin. I have acne scars, fine lines, rough texture, wrinkles, etc.

I recently discovered Klairs Rich Moist Soothing CreamKlairs is a Korean skin care brand. At first, I was a little hesitant to try this Korean brand because I thought it wouldn’t work for my skin and I thought it would just irritate my skin more. But I was wrong!

This soothing cream is easy to apply. Even a little amount of product can spread all over your face. It moisturizes well and doesn’t irritate my skin whatsoever. This cream doesn’t make me too oily or too dry whatsoever. This helps with my dry under eyes and helps to balance my oils on my T-zone, forehead, chin, etc. I use this product every night and it doesn’t make me feel greasy whatsoever. It makes my face feel rejuvenated and hydrated without making me feel oily and disgusting. It spreads evenly and easily and helps to make my face look radiant and “alive.” This product is somewhat thick but not to the point that you can feel the product on your face. It also doesn’t irritate my skin so if you have sensitive skin, this product is for you. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t even feel the product. My face feels smooth and soft. It doesn’t even feel oily, greasy or dry either!

I use this cream every other day in the morning and it honestly doesn’t make me too oily but it does make me oily a little bit. It helps to soothe my skin and the product soaks into my skin really well. This product doesn’t help with fine lines, rough texture or wrinkles so if you’re looking for a product that does that, then this isn’t the product for you. This product is mainly to help your face feel rejuvenated, moisturized, matte and hydrated without being too oily or greasy. My face definitely feels better when I use it. My face feels a lot softer and smoother without feeling sticky or gross either.

I use this product every other day in the morning because it does make me oily. However, it doesn’t make me as oily as I usually am so it does balance oil controls. It just doesn’t get rid of the oils completely. If you plan on applying makeup, this is a great moisturizer to use before your makeup because it helps to make the applying process smoother and the product just glides on my face easily after. I also don’t feel the product is on even after applying a full face of makeup on so you don’t have to worry about the product being too thick.

There is a SLIGHT scent. If you have a sensitive nose, then the scent may be stronger for you but in general, it wasn’t a bad scent at all. Nothing too strong, at least for me, so I didn’t mind it.

You can purchase the product HERE.

Disclaimer: The product was gifted to me for review but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.


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