Influenster Voxbox: Maybelline Review

Influenster Voxbox: Maybelline Review

I was gifted Maybelline’s Metallic Lipstick by Influenster.

I was excited to receive my Maybelline Metallic Lipstick because it was going to be the first time that I tried metallic lipstick. The products came in a little box, which surprised me, because I’m so used to a bigger Influenster box. But nonetheless, the little box was adorable and I absolutely loved the packaging.

The colors I received are Molten Bronze and Smoked Silver.

It was super easy to apply the lipstick on. It was creamy, moisturizing and satisfying to apply on. The color I tried on was Molten Bronze, which was a somewhat brown color, and the color didn’t really show on my skin that much. It is metallic so maybe that’s why but in general, I had to apply a few layers for the color to be visible. Also, this lipstick transfers. If you plan on eating or drinking, YOU WILL have to reapply. I drank my coffee from Starbucks and had to reapply after 30 minutes because it transferred onto the cup so easily. And it was a lot as well. If you don’t plan on eating or drinking, this lipstick is perfect for a few hours. The color isn’t so pigmented or vibrant. But the lipstick in general is moisturizing and you never have to worry about your lips drying.

I think this color is perfect for Fall, but be aware that you have to apply this lipstick quite a few times for the color to show AND stay. I think it’s because it’s a metallic formula, but it’s not so pigmented. I love that it’s creamy and feels great on my lips, but I hate how I have to constantly apply. I drink coffee and snack throughout the day so to have to constantly go to the bathroom to reapply is annoying. I want a lipstick that will last me throughout the day. This lipstick will also get all over your teeth, so definitely be careful with it. Double check your teeth before you leave the house and then double check again when you get to work!

This lipstick will wear off if you eat or drink. The color will fade away and you will have to reapply. Don’t get me wrong – this lipstick is nice! The colors are gorgeous but the cons outweigh the pros for me. It transfers, the color doesn’t stay, the color isn’t pigmented, but it is creamy and moisturizing, so it all depends on your preference. I prefer lipstick that’s matte, doesn’t transfer and stays on all day. This lipstick doesn’t do anything for me.

I will continue to wear this lipstick but only for a night out or when I know I won’t be eating or drinking. Other than that, I most likely won’t wear it too often.

Molten Bronze is a brown color and Smoke Silver is a purple color.

Do you guys like Metallic Lipsticks?

DISCLAIMER: Maybelline’s Metallic Lipstick was gifted to me by Influenster but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.



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