Which Is The Right Prom Dress Colour For You?

Which Is The Right Prom Dress Colour For You?

Choosing the perfect prom dress can be incredibly daunting. There are just so many amazing styles and colours to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. But, one way is to narrow down your colour options. Take a look at these tips to help you choose the right colour prom dress for you.

  1. Prom Ambience

Try to choose a dress colour that is going to stand out but still complement the atmosphere of the prom. If there is a theme, you could choose a dress that complements the ambience of the theme, or you could get a little more creative and choose different tones and colours that still work with the theme. Make sure you find out what the ambience will be like, so you have a colour palette to work with.

  1. Where Will Prom be Held?

Perhaps prom doesn’t have a specific theme, but where it is held could set the tone of your colour palette. For instance, an event on the water would have an undersea theme, whereas a prom in the city may inspire bolder, brighter colours and you could choose from the cheap red prom dresses in 2018 from Prom Dress Shop or similar retailers. It’s well worth taking the location into consideration as it serves as the backdrop of your photographs, so you will want your dress colour to fit with the mood of the venue.

3. Coordinate Colours with Your Date

No matter who you are going to prom with, you could have tons of fun coordinating your colours. You could match your colours of even pick out the same shade. But, don’t get set on wearing the same shade if it’s going to be difficult to find. Instead, make sure you each wear as shade that suits your personality and unique style.

If you would prefer not to match at all, you could accent one another’s outfits with similar colours. Go for colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel, for example, you can pair wine and violet or blue and indigo.

If you would much prefer to stand out, you could choose to highlight one another by wearing opposite yet complementary shades. These are colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel but they create a strong contrast when they are next to one another, for instance turquoise and blood orange red. By doing this, you and your prom partner will contrast each other with the utmost flare and style.

Remember to ask your date what colours they like so you can reach a happy decision.

Use these tips to find the best colour for you and your prom dress, and remember to take into account your skin tone, hair colour, and accessories and makeup. These little details will ensure you put together the perfect look for you and your date on prom night. We hope these tips help you!

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