Styling Florals with Jerusalem Sandals

Styling Florals with Jerusalem Sandals

Pair up any outfit you have with Jerusalem Sandals.

I am obsessed with anything floral, but you knew that already. I’ve had this floral top for over three years now and I’m constantly wearing it. It’s so perfect for any occasion. When I’m feeling great about myself, I’ll walk out of the house with this shirt and no camisole underneath, meaning my bra will show. If I’m wearing a cute bra, why not show it off? But because I wore this to the airport, I threw on a camisole underneath to make myself look presentable. I love that this shirt long enough to cover my butt because I did wear leggings to the airport. I love wearing leggings with long shirts because they make me feel like I’m wearing a dress!

I paired this outfit up with Jerusalem sandals. I was gifted these sandals and I’m obsessed with them. The material is thick so you can rewear these sandals over and over and they won’t rip! They fit me perfectly. I love that they’re so comfortable and versatile. You can literally wear these sandals for any outfit because they’re so cute and versatile! You do have to strap the sandals twice on each shoe which can be hassle if you’re in a rush. I wore these to the airport and purposely didn’t strap them. It make it easier to rake them on and off for the airport check in. Even though I didn’t strap my sandals in, it was so easy to walk in them and my shoes didn’t fall off om me. If you were to run, the sandals would fall off but I was only walking around so they didn’t fall off on my feet. I absolutely adore these sandals and will continue to wear them over and over.

You can purchase your own Jerusalem sandals HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Jerusalem sandals were gifted to me but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.



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