5 Perfect Vacation Ideas for Nature Lovers

5 Perfect Vacation Ideas for Nature Lovers

When it comes to travel experiences, most of the advertisements you’ll see are for glamorous city breaks. It’ll be New York, London, Paris, and the emerging Dubai. However, there’s much more to the world than big cities! Indeed, most of the world isn’t built up at all. If you’re a nature lover, then you’ll be much more interested in the outdoors over concrete jungles. Below, we take a look at some of the best destinations for those people who love nature. And it might just inspire the culture vultures to try something new for their next getaway, too.

Northern Lights

Of all the natural phenomenon, none are as highly sought after than the elusive northern lights. To see them is a truly magical experience, one that will stay with you forever. They’re considered to be hard to track down, but this isn’t quite true: if you head to some areas, you’re all but guaranteed to see them if you stay for more than a few days. For a trip that’ll be magical with or without the northern lights, consider northern Scandinavia. You’ll be able to explore the breathtaking Lofoten Mountains during the day, and then look to the skies once the sun sets. Perfect!  

Into the Jungle

Few things ’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped onto a different planet than spending some time in the rainforest. Wild, full of creatures and plants you won’t find anywhere else, and seemingly a million miles away from the trappings of modern society, the immersive experience will expand your mind. Book a trip to the Hotel Jaguar Inn Tikal, and you’ll be able to experience the wonders of Tikal National Park, which is noted for its stunning landscape. You’ll also be able to see remnants of the Maya civilization; an added bonus on a nature excursion!

In America

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to head overseas to feel the full weight of nature. There’s quite enough in America. Load up the car with supplies, and hit the road. If you take a drive west, you’ll be able to visit many of the country’s – not to mention the world’s – most beautiful landscapes. Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Yosemite will all await. There’s not a single outdoor lover who won’t fall in love with these parks!

Neighbors to the North

If you’ve already travelled across America, then take a look at the neighbors to the north. Canada has plenty of natural beauty, especially in the west. Take a trip to Banff and see those emerald lakes in all their glory; they’re stunning.

Mountain Peaks

You can get lost in the magic of nature no matter what scale it’s on, but when it comes to experience “the sublime,” then it’s all about those craggy mountain peaks. Visit Switzerland, and you can see the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountain peaks in the world. Or you can take a trip to Nepal, and take a trip to get a glimpse of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain.

These are some amazing vacation ideas for nature lovers that I hope you take into consideration when looking for a vacation spot!

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