YLLO – Face Scrub and Face Mask Review

YLLO – Face Scrub and Face Mask Review

Today, I’m going to introduce to you guys, YLLO, which will be a face scrub and face mask review.

I love YLLO’s Face Scrub and Face Masks. I recently discovered this brand from Palm. I talk about Palm all the time but that’s because it’s such a supportive group! For those of you who do not know, YLLO is a brand that was inspired by Indian traditions that naturally heal and nourish skin. They are a skincare company that is inspired by a powerful, fragrant, little yellow root called turmeric. Also, the best part about this brand is that they donate 10% of profits to help end child marriage. Brands who give back are always the best kinds of brands you should be shopping form.

I love their Tumeric Face Mask and Face Scrub.

YLLO-Skin-Care-Review-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080Two of their products that I bought were the Tumeric Face Mask and the Tumeric Face Scrub. I’ve only ever tried one mask that was a yellow mask, so I was eager to try this brand. For those of you who do not know this, Tumeric reduces blemishes and redness, lightens facial hair, fades scarring and evens out skin tone. These products are supposed to awaken and softed the skin.

To use both the face mask and the scrub, you have to mix water with the product and then use a brush to put the product on your face. The first time I tried this, I didn’t add enough water so my face mask and scrub were hardened. It didn’t hurt but it just felt hard on my face. The second time I tried this, I used too much water so the product was too watery on my face and didn’t stick. The third time was a charm! Both the face scrub and mask brightened my skin, made it soft and smooth. However, I don’t have redness so I didn’t have to worry about that but I didn’t see a difference with my scars and uneven skin tone.

These products are great for brightening your skin and keeping it calm and soft, but I haven’t seen a difference with my scaring and skin tone. If your skin turns red, this product may be for you, but I’m not too entirely certain because my skin doesn’t get red so I can’t speak on it for you. But I would definitely give these products a chance since they do help my skin to feel and look smooth! And they’re also affordable.

Both the face mask and scrub is natural, vegan and cruelty free. You can try the mask here and the scrub here. You won’t be disappointed!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these products at a discounted rate but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.

YLLO-Skin-Care-Review-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080 YLLO-Skin-Care-Review-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080  YLLO-Skin-Care-Review-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080


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