Little Green Dress

Little Green Dress

I love my little green dress.

Outfit details
Green Swing Dress (SIMILAR), Black Knee High Boots (SIMILAR), Gray Cardigan (SIMILAR). White Infinity Scarf (SIMILAR)
Camera Details
Shot with Canon EOS 60D with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II SLR Lens

Little-Green-Dress-Fall-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080Even though its 30 degrees here in Boston, I will still wear dresses like this little green dress. This little green dress is pretty thick and pretty short, too, but I still wore it to work. It kept me warm and cozy. The material is soft and stretchy. I’m obsessed with it. The length isn’t too short and it covers my butt, it’s just too short for professional wear. I still wore this to work anyway, but I definitely don’t recommend this if your office is business attire.

I wore 30, or maybe 40, denier tights. The trick to keeping my legs warm is my wearing knee high or thigh high boots. I never really wear dresses with ankle boots in the cold or winter unless it’s not that freezing outside. When it is somewhat cold, I wear knee high boots to cover my legs and I wear an extra layer of socks, but make them unnoticeable.

Speaking of boots, mine are black knee high buckle boots from DSW, but I linked a similar one HERE. My boots are usually how I stay warm in the winter whenever I decide to wear a dress. If you want to wear dresses in the winter, wear knee high boots with thick tights. If you don’t like thick tights and prefer the thin ones, that’s perfectly fine – Just wear boots that cover your legs so that you’re still warm.

My scarf kept me warm as well. Whenever I decide to wear a dress, I keep warm by wearing accessories like scarves and gloves. Stay warm with a thick scarf or even throw a cardigan over your dress. My cardigan kept me warm as well and a bit more presentable for work.

I’m in love with my little green dress. Do you guys wear dresses in the cold?


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Little-Green-Dress-Fall-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080 Little-Green-Dress-Fall-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080 Little-Green-Dress-Fall-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080 Little-Green-Dress-Fall-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080  Little-Green-Dress-Fall-Style-Blogger-LINDATENCHITRAN-1-1616x1080


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