Finding the Perfect Tropical Island Getaway on a Budget

Finding the Perfect Tropical Island Getaway on a Budget

Finding the Perfect Tropical Island Getaway on a Budget

When a busy work and home life gets on top of you, there’s nothing like a holiday to get away from it all. Somewhere quiet where you can rest up on a beach and relax somewhere and enjoy the peace and quiet and great weather. Tropical islands with beautiful white sands and clear blue waters are the best places to escape the chaos of your day to day life and spend a week undisturbed but they can also be pretty expensive. When people think of a tropical island getaway they usually picture a lavish 5 star hotel with a price tag to match. People are easily put off and end up going to cheaper holiday resorts instead but a beautiful tropical holiday doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget

It’s still going to cost you a bit more than a cheap package holiday but it’s worth it for the level of quality that you’ll get. This article will give you some tips on reducing your travel costs and help you find some more affordable tropical island destinations.

Cheaper Flights

When you’re booking flights it’s going to cost you a lot more if you book during the summer period, particularly in school holidays. Some places are going to be pretty cold if you book in the winter but most tropical island destinations will still have the hot weather that you’re looking for. Booking flights during the winter is going to cost you far less than in summer and the accommodation is likely to be cheaper as well.

You can also save a lot of money on flights by booking through last minute deal websites. It’s not always viable because you don’t get a huge amount of notice but if you’re in a position where you can leave the country with a few weeks or months notice, it’s a great way to save cash on your flights. The only downside is that you don’t get a huge amount of choice over where you go, you just have to take the deals as they come so you might be waiting a while before you can fly to where you want to go.

Split Accommodation

The luxury accommodation is the main thing that puts people off going to a tropical island. Even if they can afford the flights, they think that all of the hotels are going to be top of the line and way too expensive. It’s true that these places do have a lot of luxury resorts but there are ways you can do it on the cheap. It’s nice to stay in these places but an entire week might be out of your price range. If that’s the case, why not stay one or two nights in a top of the line hotel and then spend the rest of the holiday somewhere cheaper? You’ll still have a great time and get the chance to experience the high life, but it’s not going to cost you anywhere near as much.

You can use these tips to help you reduce the price of the flights and accommodation but if you really want to get a cheap tropical holiday, you should try visiting one of these great budget destinations.

Cooper Island

Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget

The British Virgin Islands are an incredibly popular tropical destination but some of the resorts there are incredibly expensive. However, Cooper Island is far more affordable while still offering all of the same great sights. If you’re looking for a big hotel full of all sorts of amenities, you’re out of luck. The rooms are very basic and there’s no TV’s or anything in there but it doesn’t matter. There’s no need for any of that stuff when you’ve got a picturesque beach waiting for you outside. The island is very peaceful because there are no cars and not a huge amount of visitors either, making it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. There are boat trips that will take you to the other islands if you’re getting bored but there’s plenty to do in the way of diving and kayaking on the island.

Thousand Islands

Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget

Indonesia is an up and coming country that’s attracting a lot of tourists at the moment. One of the main attractions is the Thousand Island resort. It’s a few hours to get there by boat which might put some people off but it can be a positive. It gives you the chance to stay in the city of Jakarta and experience that as well as spending a few days on the Thousand Islands. There are loads of great places to stay on and they’re very reasonably priced. Staying on mainland Jakarta is far cheaper than one of the luxury resorts on the islands themselves so if you’re trying to do it on a budget and you don’t mind the boat ride to get there, it’s a better option. You could stay in Jakarta for most of the week and then do a couple of days on one of the Thousand Island resorts.


Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget

Sapibenega is a wonderful tropical island off the coast of Panama which is fairly basic but has a certain charm to it. You can stay in a traditional bamboo bungalow on the beach for a truly authentic experience. There are lots of great hikes through the jungle on the mainland which is just a short boat ride away so it’s a perfect destination for nature lovers. Visit for a quick guide for what to do on the island. One of the other main attractions is the authentic seasonal food that they serve in the candlelit restaurant with outside seating which makes for a magical dining experience. There are also lots of traditional villages nearby where you can sample the local produce at the markets.

Gemia Island

Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget

The resorts on Gemia island just off the coast of Malaysia are a little more expensive but still fairly affordable as long as you aren’t staying for too long. The beautiful golden beaches are home to a large population of turtles and you can visit the hatchery where they care for the baby turtles until they’re old enough to fend for themselves. There aren’t many places in the world that you can see these amazing creatures so it’s a must while you’re out there. There is also a lot of other wildlife including tropical birds out there so if you’re an animal lover, Gemia island is the place for you. If you’re after the luxury of a tropical beach resort without the price tag, Gemia island can offer you that. It has a great spa and some luxury restaurants on offer so you can get the full experience without paying as much as some of the more expensive resorts.

Robinson Crusoe Island

Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget

If you’re looking for an island with a bit more of a lively atmosphere you should look at Robinson Crusoe Island just off mainland Fiji. It tends to have a much younger crowd and there is a bit more going on than some of the quieter resorts on the list. The accommodation is just basic dorms but you won’t be spending much time in there while you’re out hiking around the island and getting involved in some of the local’s dance shows or eating at the locally inspired restaurants.

By making a few sacrifices on your flights and choosing a cheaper time to go, you can go on a great tropical island without spending all of your money.

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Finding The Perfect Tropical Island Getaway On A Budget


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