The Perfect Beach Holiday…In Florida!

The Perfect Beach Holiday…In Florida!

Palm trees and sunny skies are what you can expect from a holiday in Florida.

If you are like the majority of the people on this planet, you are likely to also enjoy a bit of sunshine and clear blue skies from time to time. For many, spending the 365 days of the year in the sun might not be the ideal way of living, but it is good to know we can escape the winter blues and seek refuge in the heat that is provided by warmer destinations every year.

If you are thinking of leaving the bad weather behind and saluting the sunshine in the middle of winter, then what better place to do so than in Florida? The US’ southernmost state offers a unique experience to its visitors thanks to the over 1,000 miles of coastline and unique activities the region provides.

Here’s how to holiday in Florida.

Visit Kennedy Space Center

No visit to Florida is complete without a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. This is where your geeky side can take over and forget that the beautiful outdoors ever existed. Showcasing the history of the United States’ space travel, the Kennedy Space Center offers visitors the opportunity to closely admire memorabilia that is central to US history. Visitors are also able to see the exhibit of the Atlantis and as if this wasn’t enough, you can hear space anecdotes from a NASA veteran astronaut first-hand. Enjoy this awesome experience!

Stay in at one of Florida’s most luxurious hotels

The beautiful outdoors will make you look fabulously tanned and by the end of your trip your skin will adopt the soft shimmer that is so common on television advertising. In order to look after your skin after this has been exposed to the sun, however, it is advisable that you treat this with some clean water immediately afterwards. Bathing at one of the county’s most high-end hotels will you do a world of good, and that is why this SpringHill Suites Pensacola Beach hotel will be perfect for you. Surrounded by the white sands and emerald waters of Pensacola Beach and the Gulf of Mexico, this hotel has luxurious bedding and a fantastic breakfast buffet. If you still feel like exercising after an active day at the beach, the resort also boasts top-of-the-league fitness facilities, including three outdoor pools.

Visit the Salvador Dali Museum

Whilst it is true that not everything that shines is gold, it is also the case that not everything that has an outdoor aspect to it needs to be superficial. Florida offers tourists a vast array of activities to choose from and one of these is a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum. These 20,000 square feet of space were erected in order to display 96 of the Spanish master’s paintings and with a virtual reality tour in place, this museum is a must visit. If you fancy getting some air and enjoying the beautiful sunshine whilst in the museum, its back garden will be a nice surprise for you.

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