The Realities of Achieving Your Dream Look

The Realities of Achieving Your Dream Look

The Realities of Achieving Your Dream Look

If you’ve ever been exposed to some of the fashion magazines and online publications listed at, then you’ve no doubt probably had thoughts about how you too can achieve that dream look in your mind. Whether it’s through cosmetic surgery, working out or buying some expensive clothing, a lot goes into achieving the perfect look that will blow everyone away.

Your appearance is made up of three things. Firstly, your body. Your skin, your hair, your face–these are all important components that make up your appearance and will generally be the base of what you look like. Secondly, your fashion. While fashion shouldn’t make or break your look, it does add a personalised touch to your dream look and it’s sometimes necessary to purchase expensive pieces of clothing just to achieve what you desire. Lastly, attitude. You can’t put a timid person in expensive clothing and expect them to rock it with style, attitude and sass, it’s just not possible. Likewise, you can’t don a cute outfit if you don’t have the personality to do so–it just won’t fit!

So what does it take to achieve your dream look? In this article, we’ll be going through those three main components and how you can alter them to your needs so you too can achieve your dream look, or at least understand the reality of it and what it takes.

Step 1: Your Body

Step one will be your body, arguably the hardest part because of how long it takes to really change the way you look. The quickest route would be to contact cosmetic surgeons such as It’s expensive, but if you want quick results to help you achieve your dream look then there’s really no other option. Just keep in mind that no matter how many cosmetic procedures you undergo, if you don’t take care of your body at least a little then many of those changes will need constant monitoring and repeat appointments.

For example, many people feel like they’re overweight or carry a little too much fat for their liking. To remedy this, they’ll undergo a liposuction procedure to remove excess fat and gain a slimmer figure. When you consider how much dedication is required to actually lose weight, this can seem like a good idea that can be achieved in less time. However, as explained in this blog post at, it’s incredibly easy to put the weight back on if you aren’t vigilant about switching to a healthier lifestyle. Since you’re not changing the number of calories you take in and you’re not focusing on how to live a healthier lifestyle, liposuction will just be temporary and your fat will come back as easily as you lost it.

So the lesson here? Get healthy. If you want to have a beautiful, slim body with toned muscles (the kind we all see in fashion and fitness magazines) then you need to work hard. Think of liposuction as a way to give you a head start, but don’t rely on it as a way to permanently lose weight. Take a look at articles from to build a good foundation that will teach you how to overcome your bad habits so you can live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, liposuction is just one of many cosmetic procedures that do have a more natural alternative. But when it comes to breast augmentation or restructuring parts of the face, you will need to go the cosmetic route because there aren’t many practical ways to change those parts of your body. In short, if there’s a natural alternative, consider it over the cosmetic procedure and remember that hard work will always pay off!

The Realities of Achieving Your Dream Look 2

Step 2: Your Fashion

Now let’s talk about the fun part–your fashion! So let’s say you’ve been reading some kind of fashion magazine and you’re extremely excited about a new collection. Perhaps you’ve seen the cropped fur coats on my blog,, and thought that you absolutely must own them, or maybe you’ve been looking at high-end brands such as Gucci, Fendi or Versace and you’ve found some beautiful pieces of clothing that would go perfectly with your dream look.

Unfortunately, fashion is a deceptive world. Many of these high-end fashion brands will sell you products that have a named attached to them. Yes, the quality of those clothes will be spectacular, but there’s no denying the huge markup on them due to their associated brand names. In fact, if you take a look at this post from, you’ll learn that big brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton don’t actually make all of their money from clothing. Instead, their main source of income are things like shoes, perfumes and accessories.

So what’s the lesson here? Simple: don’t buy into brands. Instead, focus on wearing whatever you want and don’t let the fashion magazines dazzle you with popular names. It doesn’t matter if you go thrift store shopping or buy from typical high-street retailers. Fashion should represent you and your personal style, not a brand name!

Step 3: Your Attitude

Now we need an attitude to pair with your new look. This is really subjective and will depend on your personal preferences, the clothes you’ve picked and your overall look. This post from should give you some good advice on how your clothing choices ultimately reflect your self-image, and how it can be used to change your attitude.

The easiest way to build your own attitude is to find some inspiration. Do you want to show off sexy clothing with a sassy attitude? Or do you prefer to be cuter and more reserved for your fashion? Perhaps you want to show off a reliable look with clean, casual clothes, or perhaps you want to show off a wild party side with colorful garments. This is a section that is largely dependent on you and the best advice we can offer is to find your source of inspiration. It could be a movie, a comic book character or even a celebrity you idolize. Whoever it is, learn their style, move how they move and be comfortable with your choices.

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